Happy 34th Birthday Harry Potter! + Butterbeer Recipe


A very special shout out to our main wiz: Harry Potter! It’s no coincidence either that it just so happens to be HP’s author’s birthday, J.K. Rowling (49), as well. Hey J.K., we see what you did there. Happy birthday, girl! Continue reading

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MTMUC: Vegan Sir Paul McCartney Bans Meat From His Tour


Vegetarian since 1975 and vegan more recently, Sir Paul McCartney is at it again. On his most recent tour, McCartney made sure that no animal products were being used to feed or produce his tour. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: How to Remain Healthy on a Vegan Diet

Dangerous habits: Jordan Younger, the popular blogger behind Instagram handle The Blonde Vegan, has opened up about how her obsession with following a plant-based diet led to a dangerous eating disorder via DailyMail

To shed some light on how to heal on a vegan diet, check out an exclusive Q&A with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Sarah Tannen, from UF Health Shands Hospital. Continue reading

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Try This Vegan Superfood Snack Combo


If you’re looking for something sweet, delicious, and packed full of nutrients, check out this snacking awesome combination.
Continue reading

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NY Times Wants You To Know It Wants To Legalize Pot


The New York Times’ call to legalize marijuana in the United States is undoubtedly a landmark moment for the paper and for the continuing debate around the issue. So it’s not surprising that the Gray Lady is giving the editorial, and the series accompanying it, the kind of star billing normally reserved for its splashiest news stories. Continue reading

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Redefining Masculinity: Real Men Can Be Vegan

NRP Image

“Real Men eat meat. They kill it and they grill it.” That is probably the oldest stereotype in the book, and everybody knows it. So why do we encourage gender stereotypes that cause pain and suffering to defenseless animals as well as cause insecurity for men? These vegans, who are also semi-professional athletes AND happen to be male, are redefining masculinity. Continue reading

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