The Grimm Details: Fuchsbau Makeup Tutorial


I am absolutely, over the top, obsessed with Grimm right now. Have you been watching? If you ARE super cool and keep up with the show, than you know that Fuchsbau is an adorable fox-like creature. Out of me sheer excitedness for the 4th season starting this week, I went all out and Fuchsbaued up my face using Vegan body paints. Here’s how! Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesdays: Vegan Oktoberfest


Autumn is the season of beer and cider, if you don’t count every season.

So in celebration, here’s a list of six vegan-approved pumpkin brews and spicy cider for all. Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: 4 Possible Food Solutions for Mixed-Diet Couples


Sharing a space with someone who is very different than you can be frustrating, but when food is involved, it can get even stickier. Continue reading

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Music to Make You Cooler: Neon Hitch


Have you heard of Neon Hitch? Well you should have by now. That is her real name, by the way. Continue reading

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Halloween Vegan Snack Pack GIVEAWAY & Awesome Trick or Treat Options!


Learn all about some great, tasty vegan halloween goodies and enter for a chance to win a swag bag of your own! Continue reading

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10 Accidentally Vegan Junk Foods


So Halloween is at the end of the month, and vegans everywhere want to indulge as much as the average omnivore… but what junk foods are vegan? Continue reading

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