Music That Makes You Cooler: The Western Den

The Western Den- Battle Hymns EP

If you are looking for new music to relax/breathe or contemplate, The Western Den is bliss. Powerful lyrics meet ambient meditation. Continue reading

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What’s The Big Deal About Coconut Oil?


I get the question asked all the time but in my case I probably have been the last person to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon so I didn’t have much to say about it. However, it has become one of my most favored and popular staples in my pantry as of recently, and not just because it’s delicious. Continue reading

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End of Summer Fruit: A Guide to Plums


Plum rhymes with Yum amiright?

Plums are so delicious, and so under appreciated! After reading this quick guide to plums, you’ll want to get yourself a new main squeeze. Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With the Ice Bucket Challenge

Image from

I was met with a lot of hostility this week, as were many fellow animal lovers, when we chose to opt out of the ALS ice bucket challenge as a way to raise awareness of the cruelty that animals suffer at our hands. Continue reading

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SeaWorld In Trouble


It’s hard out here for Orcas, but getting even harder for those who are continuing to keep them in captivity to do so. Continue reading

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Music to Make You Cooler: Raury


Last night while Columbusing some new music for todays post I came across this kid, who is all the rage amongst music nerds, Blerds, (yes that includes Andre 3000) and heavy weight producers like Kanye. After listening to all of his songs I have my two word review Continue reading

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