Ultimate Vegan Desserts to be Thankful For


This is it, two days till Thanksgiving and all we can think about is dessert. Glorious, scrumptious, vegan desserts. OH. Some of these are gluten-free AND vegan, so double points. Take that, omni’s! Continue reading

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Suspicious New Study Says Eat Your (Canned) Veggies…


New research shows people who eat canned foods typically have healthier diets and consume more essential nutrients… wait, WHAT!? Continue reading

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Gardein Bought By Pinnacle Foods (The Maker of Duncan Hines)


While it’s not quite breaking the internet like K-Dash, the vegan community has been rumbling with the news that Garden Protein International—maker of faux meat product line Gardein—- has been purchased by Pinnacle Foods in yet another story of a “little” company buyout. Continue reading

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Music to Make You Cooler: Angel Haze


Angel Haze is coming on strong, so pay attention. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: 6 Veganized Thanksgiving Sides


Thanksgiving is all about the sides. Here’s how to vegan-ize the traditionals.
Continue reading

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Lip Service: Fall and Winter Vegan Lip Perfection


The perfect vegan lip isn’t the mythical unicorn of makeup. Here are some of the absolute best formulas, tips and tools to get that perfect, feather-free lip color that’s going to rock you from Fall all the way around the Christmas tree. Continue reading

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