NYC Vegetarian Food Festival Success!

Yesterday was one of those moments for me and my crew that makes everything that we do here at I Eat Grass worth it. 

It was early.  Like 7:30 AM on a Sunday early and we were one of the firsts on the scene.  By the time 10:00 AM were a little spent.  I dipped out for a Brooklyn run to buy lettuce for my chef partner Oscar.  He was responsible for that amazing tempeh tuna sandwich we served up yesterday.

By the time I got back the line was literally around the block in both directions. I thought, “Oh okay.”  It was quite a crowd for the entire day. Big shout out to the producers who gave us a great spot right at the front door.

Tara serves up some Mac n’ Yease to an eager customer. (courtesy of Epoch Times)
We gave out a ton of samples, letting people experience for themselves just how good vegan food could be.  The word started to spread like wild fire.   People were coming over to the table on a mission– to sample the “best Mac & Cheese at the festival” and  for a taste of “the best tempeh they ever had.”  We were definitely bolstered by the great feedback and energy in the room.  I gotta say that was a good feeling.
By 4 PM we sold the last cup of Mac & Yease and by 5 PM the last tempeh tuna sandwich. So again I thank everyone who stopped by and those who were with us online.  Special thank you to the I Eat Grass team and event producers Nira and Sarah.   Also thank you to John for getting us that electricity even though we were early šŸ˜‰ Looking forward to next year!


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3 Responses to NYC Vegetarian Food Festival Success!

  1. MSN says:

    OMG! The tempeh tuna was awesome!!! I wanted to know before I shared my container with a friend, are there nuts in it? Also, where can I buy more? Thanks!!

  2. Ayinde Howell says:

    Thanks so much for the support! No nuts and we are working on distribution options now….I'll keep you posted!

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