WildFlower-NYC’s First Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant is ON!

In just over 1 year, I have had some incredible experiences with I Eat Grass and met a ton of inspiring people. Last night, was the cherry on top.  We made our Kickstarter goal!!  NYC’s first vegan pop-up is real.  We are setting up a temporary restaurant at Broadway East and for a few days you can feast on some of the best vegan fare this side of the Mississippi.  How did we hit that $17K target?

YOU!  I can honestly say that this is your restaurant.  From the supportive comments and likes to the actual pledges, all of it counted and gave us the push we needed to make WildFlower a reality.

Don’t forget WildFlower is coming soon, like several weeks soon and we’re making every effort to pull out all the stops for a true NYC vegan event.  We will film our planning, prep and the actual event.  So even if you’re not there, you can still get a taste.

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