Yummy Plants Makes Dining Easier

How many times do you go out or pop over to a friend’s house and it’s there?  You know, that food that you just can’t have.  Maybe you’re allergic?  Or it’s just some that you just don’t have as part of your diet.   Once it’s on your plate, it can be a little tricky to get out of eating it without sounding like a track on repeat, “Well I’m vegan and I don’t eat….,”  “No bacon is still meat.”  “I’m sorry.  I can’t just pick off the chunks of chicken.”

Let’s face it people are touchy about their food and making the chef or cook angry is the last thing that you want to do.

Our friends at Yummy Plants, a great site that helps you explore plant based life, have developed a cool online tool that might be able to get you through those tougher eating moments.  They just launched a “Things I Don’t Eat” online tool that can save you the drama (Well, some of it at least).  It’s simple.  Just log on to Yummy Plants, create your personal “Things I Don’t Eat” list and send it to your friends and family as a link.  Like magic, everyone knows ahead of time about your dietary needs and restrictions. You can also let them know about all of the wonderful foods that you do eat too with the Favorite Foods list!

Click on the buttons below for a sample:



You can also make friends and talk directly with members in the Yummy Plants community.  Once you register and complete a profile, you’ll be able to discuss topics either by posting status updates or direct messages to other community members.  A few neat aspects: you can favorite articles on your own profile and you can see what others in the community are talking about by clicking on “all activities.”


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