Soul Food- Friend or Foe?

Soul food.

Our friends at Girlie Girl Army welcomed us over to their spot for a guest post.  I really like the energy and wealth of information over there, so when Chloe and I started talking about a possible post, I jumped at the chance.  Something that is very important to me is truth about food, educating people about choices and empowerment. Today I posted about the black community and the role of soul food.  Here’s a taste of my post, 400 Years Later & Still Slaves to Food :

About the prospect of having a vegetarian home, my boy told me once “I always pictured myself having a black life, you know’ BBQ’s and cookouts, family reunions etc…” But nowhere is it written that we cannot enjoy these same sacred traditions in a way that promotes longevity. My roots are in Alabama on my father’s side and Baltimore on my mother’s side. I think it’s important to mention here the social stigma of veganism especially in the black community.  When my sisters and I were not allowed to eat at what everyone else was eating at the  Easter dinners, Grandmas’ birthday, BBQ’s, and the family reunion cookouts, my parents were chastised.   Parents and siblings  thought it was just a phase, “It’s just chicken baby.”


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