Tickets on Sale NOW for WildFlower!


Located at LTO 171 East Broadway (formerly Broadway East)

NYC’s first plant based, pop-up restaurant was hatched by Chef Ayinde Howell and made possible by his I Eat Grass (dot) com community via Kickstarter. Howell, a life long vegan and vegan chef for over 12 years would not call himself an expert on the subject of plant based cuisine. He’s still learning , “I want to give people the full spectrum of vegan cuisine as I have experienced it as a lifestyle and as career.” From that thought, the seed for WildFlower grew. Growing up in the food business, the budding chef was always in the kitchen, “Some of the most memorable and important moments in my life happened in the kitchen.”  

So, so good sliders.

Through WildFlower, he will share his story through 28 courses over three days. There will also be an a-la carte brunch Sunday where Howell will bring back crowd favorites from his Petit Dejeuner aka the Brooklyn Waffle Brunch mixed up with a few new items.  The most notable addition is The Closest I’ll come to Chicken & Waffles Waffle.

*** To review the event menus and to purchase tickets, visit our Eventbrite page.



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2 Responses to Tickets on Sale NOW for WildFlower!

  1. Luc says:

    Hey there, Just wondering, if I made a reservation through Open Table, do I also need to buy tickets through Eventbrite? Or do we pay at the restaurant? Thanks for clearing this up!

  2. Ayinde Howell says:

    Thanks for the support Luc! You can do either. Most are buying their tickets through EventBrite and it helps us with the advance planning.

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