Weightloss Wednesday: Replacing the Meal

I have been a Chef for 12 years and an actor for 7 years. As I think about this balancing act, I realize just how it is all connected. I sometimes don’t even realize when I’m switching gears or pulling from one profession to aid another. I have been on a tight rehearsal regiment, and now a show schedule, for a new production I am in. the interesting thing about acting is that is takes a lot of energy out of the body even though you are usually not doing that much physical work. My role in this particular play, as well as another project I’m attached to, requires a fair amount of flexibility and a lot of energy. As I have been training for these roles I have found that exercise, eating at certain times and switching my protein source has been very helpful. I needed to cut way down on mucus causing foods so my vocal chords are clear and strong to project. This meant  less of my glutinous summer routine of eating and drinking anything with soy and bread, to more grains, sprouted grain breads and beans. This is my routine!

• Yoga 4 days a week
• Eating large meals before 4pm (giving my body a chance to burn off the calories on stage or just walking around)
• Replacing a large dinner with large smoothie.
• Less soy, more grain (almond milk, quinoa, chickpeas, etc.)

I found that these things helped me achieve my health goals and as a by-product, I lost a few pounds. Go figure that diet and regular workout routine is the best way!

Banana, Ginger, Avocado & Lime Smoothie
1 ½ cups almond milk
1 Ripe banana
1 Nickel sized nugget of ginger
1 Lime, juiced
¼ Avocado, peeled
Sweeten to taste

Step one
Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth(ie)


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3 Responses to Weightloss Wednesday: Replacing the Meal

  1. You’re inspiring me. Going for your goals, making a plan, working the plan and just doing it. I’m going to try the smoothie for dinner tonight especially since I had a big lunch today. Makes sense. This recipe looks delicious, refreshing, and substantial all at once!

    🙂 Sharon

    P.s. You’re making me laugh with the math required to comment here!

  2. Sari says:

    I was just curious, do you happen to know how many calories are in this smoothie? I’m keeping a strict calorie log.


    • Ayinde says:

      I don’t have that actually have that. I don’t really subscribe to calories it’s a man made system
      defined by Nicolas Clément…

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