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It is my pleasure to introduce a new voice to the Pop Vegan Community here on iEG. Rhonda Crittle is a former college athlete living in the Washington DC area. She will be contributing her tips and experiences as a vegan and a very active person. Enjoy!


Focus on Self-Image
By Rhonda Crittle

Managing your self-image is critical to successful weight maintenance and to your weight loss journey. Whether you’re trying to lose 5, 10, or 50 pounds, practicing a positive self-image will help you reach your goals and become more comfortable in your skin.

If you are like me, you might think that focusing on your self image is being vain or egotistical, or even being a “Diva” (cue Beyonce song). But truth is, self-image and self-esteem start with self. Practicing a healthy self-image is an internal exercise that yields external results. The way you feel about your self on the inside comes through, and it is a signal for how other people will treat you. If you look in the mirror and all you have to say about what you see is negative, more than likely, this is how people will react to you, because this is the image you will convey. On the reverse, if you look in the mirror and say something positive, then this positive self-image will shine through.

Improving your self-image is an ongoing practice that requires unwavering confidence in yourself, your values, and your weight loss/maintenance goals.

  • Welcome both compliments and criticism with a filtered ear. This means thanking someone that says, “Oh you’ve lost weight. You look great!” rather than saying, “No I still have more to lose;” hence, always staying positive about your body and your weight loss accomplishments.
  • Take control of people’s perception of you by not limiting yourself to their expectations. Just because you once looked a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to hold onto old habits. Your actions dictate their reaction so commit to healthy changes that make you feel good.
  • You are the company you keep! This may seem a little old school, but the message is timeless. Who you choose to associate with is a reflection of your self-image. Along your weight loss journey, it is critical that you evaluate the quality of your relationships and make additions and cuts as necessary. Surround yourself with good people who inspire and uplift you.

These types of actions will help you develop a more positive self-image and help build better relationships as you redefine yourself. Lastly, remember to smile more. It increases your face value 🙂

Rhonda is recent college grad from Detroit now thriving in the District of Colombia.  A weight loss achiever herself, she is a vegan athlete with a passion for fitness and wholesome living. Follow her on Twitter: @RCrittle.

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