Beach Bod Goddess: The Traveling Chapters

By the Beach Bod Goddess

Beach Bod Goddess here–currently galavanting around Paris (Pah-ree!).  I am tres happy and RELIEVED to be here. For the past three days, I’ve been stuck in trains, buses and ferries (Steve Martin, do you want to make a spin-off?). Its a long trek from Stockholm to Paris, let me tell you. Besides the fact that I’ve spent the last few days tirelessly train-ing through the continent, I’ve been eating shamefully too. A bag of potato chips and pretzels? That was my dinner the other night. Totally not BBG worthy.

Fortunately that madness has come to an end and I’m eating normally again. Hooray for fresh vegetables and cooked meals! I’m even staying at a vegan Bed & Breakfast for my last few days in Europe. I check-in tomorrow and I cannot wait to experience this vegan dream.

Being a devoted BBG on this trip has had its ups and downs. I thank the Heavens everyday for  However, when in doubt, you can always find fruit and vegetable stands no matter what city you’re in. Especially if you want something simple like bananas, apples or tomatoes. Also, packaged nuts are readily available if you need that spurt-of-energy type of snack. And for dessert, dark chocolate with no milk/lait/milch/mjolk always hits the spot.

It’s been a journey this past month, but I’m definitely ready to set foot in Whole Foods again and stroll through the aisles for a solid three hours. I’m also ready to cook up a storm in my kitchen. First thing I’m making are edamame-ginger burgers served with 5-spice veganaise. Mmm, my mouth is already watering. I’m excited to Downward-Dog my way back into yoga class and feast on roasted squash, turnips and parsnips all day long. I’m jonesing for a glass of Kombucha and a jog by the lakeside. Last but not least–a spoonful of good ole’ American peanut butter and obnoxious reality TV.

Europe, it’s been real, but it’s just about time for me to come home. I’m going to step-up my BBG game the second I hit Stateside, and I hope you all will join me (even if you never left the country).

The Beach Bod Goddess is either writing, traveling or working up a mean sweat at Bikram. If she is doing none of these things, someone is probably feeding her goddess-self organic grapes off the stem.

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  1. Um, Happy Cow is EVERYTHING! I’ve got a ton of upcoming trips, and it’s definitely been a life-saver for me too. Being a vegan, I always want to know ahead of time what options there will be for me. If there are none, at least that helps me plan differently.
    Also, I hope to venture out of the U.S after college-it’s a relief that you were able to take on Europe, vegan-style. Can’t wait to follow in your footsteps and see what vegan fare I come across in the future!

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