The Lusty Vegan: A Well-Stocked Toy Box

Not that kind of toy box...

Since I’m always ranting on here about sex, and veganism, I thought it was about time I gave you all a rundown of some of my favorite toys and other play-time accoutrement. Even seasoned vegans often forget to check their products for animal ingredients before sexpressing themselves; you don’t want to be unknowingly slathering your bits and pieces with animals, do you? (Now theres an image I bet you didn’t want.) Don’t have any toys? Now is the perfect time to stock up.

Vegan condoms are hard to come by (hehehe), as many are produced with casein. Below are two of my favorite brands.

Sir Richard’s – These were my favorite condoms even before they launched their Sluts Unite campaign. I’m a sucker for a good cause, and Sir Richard’s donates a condom to a developing country for each one you purchase. Now not only can you get down guilt-free, but you’re actually coming for a cause, too. Read the love letter I wrote to Sir Richard’s a while back.

Glyde – These Australian vegan condoms come in a bunch of different sizes, (Maxi, Super Max, SlimFit) which makes them ideal for dudes that fall on different ends of the size spectrum. I’m not such a fan of flavored rubbers but they do have a “cola” flavor which is just interesting. I applaud your creativity, Glyde! They also have blue condoms (Blueberry- flavored) if you’re going for that whole “avatar” vibe…

The only things I like dry are my jokes and my martinis; therefore, I’m a pretty big lube lover. My two favorites?

Sassy Booty- This cushy water-based lube is as appealing as its name. It’s technically an (whisper!) anal lube, which is why it is extra thick and long lasting, but I like it for all types of sports because you never have to reapply. It’s glycerin-free, paraben-free, and Oprah featured it in O Magazine, so you know its gotta be good stuff.

Maximus – This lube is also vegan (and gluten-free!), and the bottle is a bit more man-friendly than the Sassy Booty. Some guys don’t want that pink bottle by their bed…Water-based for easy cleaning, the Britain-based lube proves that David Beckham isn’t the only British thing I want to go to bed with. Uhm. What?

Lelo Insignia Alia – This is one of my favorite toys-for-two. It’s also eco-friendly as it doesn’t require any batteries, and is fully-rechargeable for 4 hours of buzzy fun. Plus it’s really modern looking and shiny. I want a kitchen that looks like this vibe.

Hitachi Magic Wand I ranted about this enviable vibe last week. This toy has been around longer than I have, and you can tell both by its top-notch quality, and its outdated appearance. It may plug into the wall, but its brain-numbing capacities can’t be beat.

Sportsheets International, Inc. This all vegan, cruelty free company has basically everything you could imagine in terms of sex toys. I first stumbled on their products in a shop in Provincetown back in the fall. They carry everything from bondage sheets (thus the name) and positioning pillows to novelties, dvds and restraints. But uhm, don’t look at their site when you’re at work.

I know it isn’t a holiday or anything, but use this list as an excuse to snag some sexy vegan swag.

The Lusty Vegan is a lifestyle and sex column focusing on living and loving as a twenty-something year old vegan. More rants from Zoe Eisenberg can be found at Follow her on Twitter @Sexytofublog

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