The Lusty Vegan: How-To Nail A Vegan

Vegan dating has been a trending topic here on iEG the past few weeks, specifically how to meet a vegan and the fact that there seems to be a scarcity of normal (“non-smelly”) vegan men. Yet even single vegan dudesters have been writing in inquiring how to meet a vegan lady—even ones in booming veg-friendly metropolises like LA! So maybe you’re all prepped; you have a bedside table stocked with Sir Richard’s condoms and cruelty free toys, yet you can’t find a plant-based playmate to share a magical evening with. What’s a lusty vegan to do? Here are a few tips on finding a vegan bed buddy, be it for a night of excitement or a lifetime of spooning, little naked vegan nuggets and raw kale salad.

1. Stalk your local hot spots

As someone living in a city in my early 20s, I know if I want to meet an average dude on the prowl, I can head to a bar. But considering bars are not the normal vegan hang-out, and you probably aren’t looking for an average man or woman (because vegans are sooo above average, helloo!) a bar probably is not your best shot. Unless of course, it’s a vegan bar! So head to a vegan friendly hang out. This can differ depending on your location. A yoga studio with a raw juice bar probably attracts a heavy cruciferous crowd. A vegan coffee shop is also a good bet. Set up your computer or bring a good book and eye-stalk everyone that walks in the door. See something you like? Strike up a convo.

2. Spread the word
If you are really set on finding a vegan partner, tell everyone you know. I mean, everyone. You never know who has a cute single vegan co-worker or gym buddy. This is how my mother met her life partner. She started telling everyone she was on the lookout, and one of her friends happened to know a single, crunchy, outdoorsy dude from yoga. Ten years and two farms later, the pair is still adorably inseparable. If no one knows you’re looking, they can’t set you up. However, be specific in what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a one night stand or short fling, it may be best not to date friends of friends, as things can quickly become more awkward than the time my doula aunt cornered my (then new) boyfriend at a family party and started telling him what an amazing organ the vagina is.

3. Get involved
I know I am telling you to look look look for a vegan mate, but often you find someone when you’re not looking. Get involved with things in your community you’re passionate about, and you are more likely to find someone with similar interests. When you have the same routine (gym, work, drinks in the same social circle) week after week, it’s hard to meet fresh faces. So volunteer at a shelter, local community garden or vegan organization. Even if you don’t meet someone datable there, you may make new friends (who could possibly set you up!) or at least get involved in a passion project and give back. Good karma points for you!

4. Get online
Online dating isn’t for everyone, but there are a good amount of online sources for vegans these days. There are also vegan speed dating events. Or, you don’t have to join a network specifically for singles; any vegan meet-up will do. Also, we are in the process of creating a group for datable vegan singles called the Lusty Vegan(s). Like iEG on Facebook and leave your vegan single status on our wall (“Yo! I’m a single vegan!”) for an invite to the private group. The cranky, elitist and judgmental need not apply!

Okay, give me your best tips for meeting vegans! Or a great vegan pick up line… “Wanna know where I get my protein?”

The Lusty Vegan is a lifestyle and sex column focusing on living and loving as a twenty-something year old vegan. More rants from Zoe Eisenberg can be found at Follow her on Twitter @Sexytofublog


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