Wildflower Comes to San Francisco for Cinco de Mayo

So, everyone currently living in San Francisco, prepare to be extremely excited. And everyone not living in San Francisco (myself included), prepare to be extremely envious. Chef Ayinde’s fantastic food baby pop-up, Wildflower, will be making its way to San Francisco’s mission district to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We are calling this foodfest Wildflower Weekend Part II—I know you all remember Wildflower Weekend Part I, the Kickstarter funded event held in Downtown Manhattan’s exclusive Limited Time Only last year. Ayinde’s complete foodie experience also made an appearance during fashion week at Henri Bendel‘s, and put on a mouth-watering multi course Super Bowl 2012 party in Brooklyn.

The pop-up will first appear at San Francisco’s cool walk-up, take-out spot called The Window, located at Coffee Bar’s commissary, for a casual dinner Friday May 4 and remain through Saturday May 5. A holiday inspired menu features fresh eats such as Seitan Shwarma with Mint Tzatziki, Crazy Jamaican Sliders with Herbed JoJo’s & Scotch Bonnet Aoli,
 Beer Battered Tempeh Tacos, and some new twists on a few of Howell’s signature dishes—Quinoa Nachos, Chipotle Mac n Yease and Mexican Hot Chocolate Waffles. Drooling yet?

The weekend, however, does not end when The Window closes on Saturday. On Sunday, a four course dinner will be served at a top secret location to be announced soon. Keep checking back here for more updates. But real talk, everyone! Wildflower’s appearance in San Francisco is more than just a reason to make New Yorkers jealous of the sunny state across the country. Pop-ups were all the rage last year, but the concept behind bringing the food to the people is something we are still striving for at iEatGrass. More on that to come, so stay tuned!

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  2. Jimena says:

    Is it all vegan?

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