Music to Make You Cooler: Mos Dub

By Stella Santana

It’s getting nice out here in NYC, and whenever the weather starts to get nice, my ears crave reggae. The other morning I was looking through my iTunes for some reggae to listen to while getting ready and I remembered Mos Dub. If you haven’t heard this yet, you need to.

In 2012, budding music producer Max Tonnone released Mos Dub, a project combining hip-hop artist Mos Def with dub reggae music. Tannone is also responsible for “Jaydiohead,” a project that combined the sounds of Jay-Z and Radiohead, which was buzzing all over the interwebs in 2009.

Mos Dub is a short project–only 10 songs, but it’s probably exactly what you want to hear this time of year. You can download the whole thing for free by going to Tannone’s website. Do it.

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