Fashion Friday: Kuborra, the Sunglasses Chupacabra

Photo courtesy of Kuborra

By Erin Trauth

Both practical and fashionable, sunglasses are the ultimate year-round fashion accessory; especially in the summer,  when they’re essential numero uno. No matter where we go, there they are, covering our eyes or perching atop our heads as some sort of makeshift headband with lenses. So, the ever-important pair of sunglasses must not only do its day job of blocking out harmful UV rays, but it must also be stylish.

As if we’re not already putting a ton of pressure on our sunglasses, I’m going to add a few more musts to the list. For me, a pair of shades has to be affordable. No triple-digit Gucci eyewear for me, thank you –they’d inevitably end up lost in the ocean or crushed under my sandals at the beach. In recent years, I’ve added yet another criterion to my list of sunglass musts; ideally, they should be eco-friendly. In my quest to help eliminate plastic product waste from this earth, sunglasses should preferably be made from sustainable materials. All of this, I know, is quite a tall order for a pair of shades – but, as I said before, we wear these babies every day – they’ve just gotta be perfect.

Well, fine ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to announce that I have finally found the Chupacabra of sunglasses. Kuborra, an athletic clothing and accessories store for men and women, has finally answered my laundry list of ideal sunglass requirements with their line of stylish, eco-friendly wooden sunglasses. Four styles, all unisex (some admittedly more unisex-looking than others), including the 5-0’s, Butter Cakes, Whirlybirds, and Methods are available for $65 per pair on the Kuborra site. Each style is made from either natural and eco-friendly Black Sandalwood, Bamboo, or Pearwood – no plastic in sight here! Also, the Methods and the Whirlybirds are “floatable,” which is absolutely perfect for those of us with tendencies to lose our sunglasses in the water from time to time (not me, of course!). And, get this – they do good stuff, too: for every pair of sunglasses purchased from their wooden eyewear collection, Kuborra plants a tree. No kidding.

Photo courtesy of Kuborra

So, what do you think of the Kuborra wooden sunglass line? Any other favorite brands for us sunglass lovers to check out?

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