The Lusty Vegan: It’s Prime Time…for Sex?


I really WILL be better when I'm older!

Sexual Prime! It sounds like some weird sexier version of Law and Order SVU. Huff Post let loose an article this week responding to a new survey that showed women hit their “sexual prime” at 28—which is younger than I had thought. I had always been under a wonky impression that women hit their prime in their late 30s, while men hit their prime in their early 20s, which is why cougaring was a major life goal of mine…Pfft, way to mislead me, Samantha from Sex in the City. You bitch.

It’s important to note that this survey, put out by the sex toy company LoveHoney, was not scientific–but it did poll over 1,200 people.

After reading the results of the survey (which actually said nothing about 28, instead saying 30 is the right number—WTF, Huff Po!) what I really honed in on was the fact that when people stated they are having the BEST sex did not coincide with when they are having the MOST sex.

This makes me wonder what the heck a sexual “prime” is anyway? Is it a peak in your hormones that makes you want it all.the.time? Or is it when you’re most in tune with your body, with what you want sexually, and with the wants and needs of your partner—all of which, in my opinion, lead to the “best” sex.

When you’re in a new relationship, your fresh desire for your partner is rampant—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the best sex. Couples who have been together for a long period of time often have less sex, but their sex may be better, because they know what each other wants and likes, and feel more comfortable expressing their needs than they did when things were new.

To me, the “most” sex definitely doesn’t coincide with the “best” sex. I didn’t have my first orgasm until 20 (TMI?) despite the fact that I had been in a handful of bunnyhumpin’ relationships in early college. Many women are preorgasmic for the first handful of  years they are sexually active, because they aren’t in tune with their bodies and aren’t comfortable asking for what they want, or giving to to themselves. To themselves? Quick fun fact: Most men and women have their first orgasm through masturbation. And according to the Kinsey Institute, less than 30% of women have regular orgasms during sex with a partner, while 75% of men do. AND 10-15% of women just don’t orgasm, period. Yikes!

I appreciated that the Huff Po piece discussed how when people hit their peak is going to be different based on the person—everyone has different hormones, and even then, hormones don’t exactly equate peak sexual desire. What if your hormones are peak, but physically you aren’t doing too well. Different things, like medications,illness, diet (cough…GO VEGAN), physical fitness and weight can all affect your sexual desire and your ability for a peak performance. I’ve been on several medications–birth control, and antidepressants–throughout my life that seriously stunted my sex drive. In fact, it was one of the largest reasons I nixed them.

And what about experience? Does experience have anything to do with your sexual prime? Is it the whole “practice makes perfect” concept? Will you want it more, or enjoy it more, after you’ve gotten a few more squeaks out of your mattress? 

Last week in our Lusty Vegan Facebook group, we were talking about virginity and a group member said he lost his at 16, to his 17 year old girlfriend who was “experienced.” I loved this because at 17 I also felt “experienced” but looking back I see I was not at all—because experience is relative, right? So can your “sexual peak” be relative, too?

The survey also noted that on average, people have their “best sex” 13 years after losing their virginity. So while I think I have some pretty steamy sex right now, I still have something to look forward to! Woo!

So what do you think? What is a sexual “prime?” Is it when you want sex most, or when your sex is the best? Does it differ from person to person? I wanna know!

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6 Responses to The Lusty Vegan: It’s Prime Time…for Sex?

  1. Andrew says:

    I think your sexual prime is the juncture when all factors combine to their highest total level. Not necessarily that one specific factor is at it’s peak, but the combination of sex drive as well as intimate knowledge of your self and partner are at it’s highest. That being said, I don’t think this has to come when you’re in a committed relationship, so the last part about knowledge of your partner may be circumstantial; you can be at your peak and be sleeping around, as in the case of some cougars I know. Either way, I believe that this comes at different times for many people. I just hope that – having passed my early 20s – I haven’t already experienced mine!

  2. Oh for sure you can be in your sexual peak and be sleeping around, although I have always had better sex with people who know my body, in and out. (Hah!) But sometimes an awesome sexual chemistry right off the bat can make up for that.

  3. karin yates says:

    I am a 51-year-old woman. As far as desire and enjoyment, I hit my peak at 50! (I’ve been vegan for 30 years). Pre-50 I can count on one hand how many orgasms I’ve had. Now I’m multi. When I was in a long term committed relationship I tired of my partner, and I can’t see how anyone can continue a lusty relationship with the same person for 10, 20 years. My issue now is that it seems most men over 50 have erectile disfunction! (And even veg dudes, disappointingly)

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  5. Alex says:

    Awesome article!

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