Pinterest: It was the Best of Times, It was the Waste of Time

By Lindsay Geller

I feel like I could be on My Strange Addiction. I could look sad and slightly deranged, helplessly clutching my laptop. My eyes could glaze over as I look at pretty thing after pretty thing, becoming more dependent with every click. I think I could pull it off because, some days, I really do feel trapped by my love of Pinterest.

For those who haven’t jumped on the pinning bandwagon, Pinterest is basically the more organized and classier older sister of Tumblr. Through it, “pinners” can create online inspiration boards. Some standard boards include “My Style,” “For the Home,” and “Quotes.” Pinterest users browse the seemingly infinite number of pictures, referred to as “pins,” to place on their boards. Each pin is attached to the link of its original website, providing more information. For example, a food pin will usually be linked to a recipe blog detailing that item.

Because Pinterest brings numerous websites into one aesthetically pleasing database, it’s a great tool—that is, if one actually uses it. Some days I’ll emerge from the rabbit hole of pretty things, and an hour has passed. All I have accomplished is voyeurism of DIY home furnishings, recipes, clothes, wedding ideas, etc. aka absolutely nothing. Pinterest is extremely deceptive because you think you’re being productive just by pinning. When I pin a new vegan recipe, I automatically feel healthier. However, I haven’t attempted to make the food myself or even moved half an inch from my bed to feign going to the grocery store.

The Pinterests of iEatGrass and VegNews are great resources for vegan recipes and information. I’m incredibly thankful that all this knowledge is finally in one place, but out of the 76 recipes I’ve pinned to my “Vegan/Healthy/Fulfilling” board, I’ve only tried about four or five.

I’m happy to say that I have never found a website that is so vegan, environmentally, and economically friendly as Pinterest. Still, I joined this site not knowing that I was opening a can of worms to slither all over my free time. For the standard vegan, Pinterest is both a godsend and a hellhole. It’s so easy to find vegan recipes, vegan clothes, DIY home décor, the works; but what is really accomplished in the act of pinning?

On Pinterest, I am the wittiest, healthiest, best dressed, most adventurous version of myself. This is great, until my battery is about to die. Suddenly, I’m thrown back into reality—its three pm, and I haven’t written, worked out, or done anything else productive all day. But I love it. I love Pinterest because of the possibility that I can become the person my pins think I am. I can cook that mushroom recipe; I can make that paperclip chandelier; I can have adorable wedding photos. I can do all this, as soon as I get off the freaking computer.

So I guess what I’m saying is that, with Pinterest, you get what you give. It’s nice to have a fulfilling Pinterest life, but you have to actually do something with your pins to make your real life stack up. Admiring pretty things is fun, but look at what happened to Narcissus when he took it too far. And with so many good vegan recipes available, it would be a darn shame if you died of starvation because you couldn’t stop looking at them. So vegan pinners, get off your computer and into the kitchen, the studio, the gym, wherever. These are the places you’ll really find your inspiration, instead of some silly old board.

Lindsay is a brand new iEatGrass intern. Aside from writing, what does Lindsay do for iEG? You guessed it. She’s our resident Pintern. Check out her pins on the iEG Pinterest page!

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One Response to Pinterest: It was the Best of Times, It was the Waste of Time

  1. Alex says:

    Why don’t you make a DIY I’ve accomplished board and recipes I’ve tried and loved board…etc? I may re open pinterest and try that, because it’s genius and beautiful. The most mindless intention boards I’ve ever made 🙂

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