Vegan Beauty 101: DIY Avocado Mask

Editor’s Note: I am extra excited to announce our new vegan beauty column, Vegan Beauty 101, where our amazing intern Elyssa will take us through a variety of vegan beauty products and—her fav—DIY beauty ventures! Look how adorable she is. – Z

By Elyssa Schwartz

As summer comes to an end, so does avocado season. If you can’t figure out what to do with that last overly ripe one on your counter… just smear it all over your face. At least, that’s what I did.

The problem I find with avocados is they tend to start going bad before I can eat them. I bring this upon myself because I buy a few at once and never get to the last one in time. I think I am in some sort of produce denial. Anyway, I have been hearing rumors that avocados work in mysterious ways. In addition to being incredibly healthy to eat, avocados are a great natural moisturizer for your hair and skin. Luckily for me, a mushy old avocado is just the trick!

The oil of an avocado is rich in vitamins A, D and E, all of which give nourishment to the skin. Collagen, which is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, is also found in avocado oil. The natural moisturizer is known to give glow to the skin and aids in clearing acne, dark spots and soothing sun burns.

After doing a little more research, I was compelled to conduct a little experiment of my own.

Materials: ripe avocado, bowl, knife and something to mash with.

1. Have your materials ready accompanied by a napkin. This can get messy!

2. Slice avocado in half. Yes! That brown thing actually IS an avocado. Turns out it wasn’t that bad on the inside.

3. Scoop out all the insides into bowl; discard skin.

4. Mash (I used a spoon)

5. Yummy, can a girl get some tortilla chips!?

6 & 7. Apply for 15 minutes.The initial application felt cold and soothing at first. Around six minutes in I began to feel a slight burning sensation but nothing unbearable. The aroma of avocado surrounding my face definitely felt strange.

8. Rinse off. Blow excess avocado out of your nose.

9. Pat dry

I followed up with a small amount of green tea moisturizer. Can’t you see I’m glowinggg!

Later on, my face did feel oilier than normal which began to worry me since I am breakout prone. However, I woke up the next day clearer than when I went to sleep. Success!

There are many different avocado mask recipes out there that involve ingredients such as lemon, oil and cucumber. I wanted to try my first time straight up. Maybe I’ll decide to get a little fancier next time. And yes, there will be a next time… I’m thinking once a week.

Finger painting your face with chunky green goop might not seem like the average way to enhance beauty, but… who wants to be average anyway?

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5 Responses to Vegan Beauty 101: DIY Avocado Mask

  1. YUM. I commend you for not eating this mask. I would have.

  2. Danielle Jeffrey says:

    Great idea!!! I’d be tempted to eat my mask but I’m going to give this a try! Best part is that it’s easy.

  3. rachel says:

    Not sure it would make it to my face. I love avocado way too much not to eat it!

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