Weight Loss Wednesday: The Total Workout Package

Stella McCartney for Adidas Workout Bag

By Callie McBride

The phrase “It’s easier said than done” could not be more perfectly accurate to describe my annual workout slump. Once the September back-to-school (or work) chaos settles down and I carve out a routine that includes social time, studying, working, and maintaining an acceptable sleep schedule, exercise tends to fall to the wayside. I know, you thought I lived and breathed fitness, like I say countless times! Trust me, I do.
However, when new leadership or job opportunities arise, pressures couple with a constantly hectic work load and these unfortunately take precedence. Such is the life of a college student. During this inevitable leave of absence from two-a-day workouts and post-sweat smoothies, I typically allow myself exactly 5 minutes to: panic, cry about my skipped runs, and whine about all of the failed yoga class attempts. Then I immediately pick myself back up and re-vamp my TWP!

That’s Total Workout Package–become familiar with this term. It will help you get your mojo back like it does for me. A TWP is an assortment of goodies that brighten your step, motivate you to prioritize your time, and get your butt back into the habit of getting in those workouts and sticking to a healthy eating regimen. Here’s a peek into my TWP-I hope it inspires yours!

1.) Colorful workout swag; because you gotta look good when you’re killing it at the gym!

2.) An enormous, unmistakable reminder of your goals; mine takes the form of an exercise calendar. Yeah, I definitely won’t be able to pretend like I mixed up my cardio kickboxing dates…

3.) An individually tailored and completely random music playlist; make sure to mix it up with rap, pop, oldies, and alternative. This will keep you on your toes–literally.


Other TWP essentials include but are not limited to: one year’s supply of Zico coconut water, the Nike running App for iPhones/Androids, a chic notepad in which you log your workouts and meals, and those really cool neon inflatable water bottles. Whatever lands in your Total Workout Package, just remember that you curated it in an effort to keep yourself accountable for your newly improved and ridiculously healthy lifestyle. Go you.

What does your TWP look like?


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  1. Moses chris says:

    The strength to carry one is what we need most of the time, sharing your tips to boost our journeys is a good thing well done 🙂 & <3
    I will blog about this on http://fitnessanddietpal.blogspot.com to allow more people to access the data and learn about a great mind you are 🙂

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