Cheese-hab: A Cure for Casein Addictions

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By Elyssa Schwartz

It’s cubed, stringed, fried, melted, spreadable, dip-able; all the best ways to enjoy food but unfortunately, not free of animal secretions.

Cheese: a food that, as vegans, we like the idea of it more than we actually like it. Perhaps this key ingredient that separates vegans from vegetarians is due to its drug-like qualities. Is it true? Is cheese…addicting?

Does this clip hit home? Maybe you yourself are a cheese addict. Here’s why:

The primary protein in milk is casein. According to The China Study, casein is the most “relevant” chemical carcinogen ever identified; not to mention cancer-producing. As you digest casein, it breaks apart to release morphine-like chemicals. Since cheese is denser than milk, the casein is more heavily concentrated which means the cheese produces a larger amount of the “drug.” After swallowing cheese, these chemicals enter your bloodstream, pass to your brain and attach to your opiate receptors. Hence, making you feel addicted.

Ever hear anyone say “I could totally be vegan, but I could never give up cheese.” Well, that’s why.

Scientists say that the reason why cheese digestion produces the “morphine-like” chemicals is because there actually are tiny amounts of morphine in cheese! These opiates are found in cheese because they are in the cow’s milk. The hormone is used to bond baby cows to their mamas! Sense a correlation here?

Neal Barnard, president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine declared ever so eloquently that cheese is “morphine on a cracker” and refers to the drug as “dairy crack.”

Barnard is not the only one who associates cheese with drugs. President of the Body of Animal Rights Campaigners organization, at the University of Central Florida, Alanna Wagy, dubbed cheese “the heroin of foods.” suggests breaking the addiction with this program: go on a dairy fast for three weeks at the least. Your taste buds will change, and you will find the craving greatly weakened or even gone. You’ll still have a taste for creamy, rich and fatty foods in your diet, but at this point, you will have learned to satisfy them with healthier foods from plants instead of animals.

In reality, being addicted to cheese should not be used as an excuse and should not deter a person from adopting a vegan diet. There is nicotine gum and the patch for cigarette addicts just as there are delectable non-dairy alternatives and substitutes for cheese addicts.

Voila! Vegan meds. You’re cured.

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