Foodie Tuesday: All Around the World Ayyyeee Miss my Blender!

By: Lindsay Geller

Even after a great weekend in Poland, I’m kind of homesick…for my blender. Despite the fact that Poland’s most famous dish, peirogies, are vegetarian, veganism is still a pretty foreign concept to most Poles. Combine this with a too fast, rambling explanation in English from a random American girl and you can only imagine what my weekend must have been like. Yet even with the language and lifestyle barrier, I discovered that Poland does offer green smoothies. Unfortunately, not all Polish green smoothies are created equal.

My first “green smoothie” was a mix of apple juice, ice, Monin kiwi syrup, and (I think and hope) some actual crushed up greens… But probably not, so it’s safe to say that this was not my typical green smoothie. Still, I was traveling and it was Warsaw… It seemed like the best option. Of course, in my American arrogance ignorance, I was expecting a green smoothie packed with I don’t know -real fruits and veggies, like the ones in America! I kid, but seriously the Polish version tasted good, but I’m not a fan of sugary syrups; and if I had known that a “green” smoothie was as veggie rich as a green frappachino and you know where- I wouldn’t have ordered one. So I guess we just chalk this one up to experience.

I had checked Poland off as not a green smoothie destination until the next day when I was ravenous in a train station/mall. Yes a train station, in a mall. It’s a Polish thing. I was pressed for time and resources, then like an oasis I saw a small stand filled with different pitchers of fruit and vegetable juices. The nice juice jockey told me that I could combine four of them into one smoothie, and I was thrilled. As you may know traveling takes a serious toll on one’s nutrition, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to rev up my metabolism and immune system. I combined parsley juice, orange juice, black currant juice, and kiwi juice, with a darn tasty result. Who knew, right? And after the previous day’s lackluster smoothie, I was ready to get down on my knees and praise the green smoothie gods for delivering this beautiful gift unto me. Too much?

Yes Europe is great and I’m loading up my instagram but as soon as I get back to America, I’ll be cuddling with my blender and sure to indulge in one of my favorite green smoothie recipes. Which is actually from one of my bosses, (can you hear the vacuum cleaner sound?) Zoe Eisenberg’s blog, Sexy Tofu. Which by the way is so racy it’s blocked in some countries!


Funky Fresh Smoothie

1 frozen banana (gotta be frozen to get that creamy consistency..make sure to peel it before you freeze it! Slicing it before freezing will make it easier on your blender..)

1 cup berries, fresh or frozen.

2 cup baby spinach

1/2 cup 100% orange juice

1  cup soymilk (or any other non-dairy milk)

Stick it all in the blender and enjoy!

Till next week, BTW what’s your favorite green smoothie and what do you guys do to survive abroad?

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One Response to Foodie Tuesday: All Around the World Ayyyeee Miss my Blender!

  1. SEXYTOFU IS BLOCKED IN SOME COUNTRIES?!?!?! Haha that makes me laugh hard. Thanks for making my day!

    I am such a green smoothie fan, and I love veggie smoothies in general (beets, please!) but I draw the line at adding garlic. I love garlic and I know how great it is for you, but when it comes to liquids, I want to eat it in soup, not through a straw.

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