My Meatless Life: 7 Ways for a Vegan to Survive Sandy

By Ayinde

Okay we’re seeing a familiar sight: folks racing for high ground amidst a thinly veiled panic covered by that New York swagger. Yes, we will be fine. This is the perfect time to try some vegan vittles. After all, plant based products are quite perfect for power outages because they won’t go bad quickly like meat and dairy. #Truth.

7 Ways For a Vegan to Survive Sandy:

1. Beans! Canned beans are great for chili, or just cook up some beans with whatever you have in the cupboard. If you do make chili, it will keep for a couple days even out of the fridge, as there is no meat to spoil.Try out my recipe: Chef Ayinde’s 3 bean 2 pepper chili recipe.

2.  Noodles. Home-made ramen is always good, but you can use whatever you have in the house. I make this recipe with rice noodles. This is a recipe I wrote a while ago for spicy peanut ramen,  and it’s still one of my favorites.

3. Biscuits.  Carbs are always good, but I say, why not make it a biscuit? Biscuits are great, don’t need refrigeration and they go great with chili and canned soup. Try my recipe for Jalapeno cheddar hoe cakes, and if you don’t have the cheese or peppers, don’t sweat it–the recipe still works fine!

4. Quinoa is a great source of protein to hold you over and kill hunger pains. You can keep this cooked staple out of a refrigerator for a couple days. Try this recipe for quinoa nachos, or if you don’t want to get fancy, just make the quinoa–it’s great by itself.

5. Peanut and almond butter. This you already know. Couple spoons full and some water will go a long way!

6.  Fridge-free milk. Soy, nut milks and tofu in those staple Tetrapaks are good to have around as well.

7. Keep it cool. If your fridge is down and out, but you have a basement, you can keep cooled food in Tupperware downstairs where the temp is cooler so it will keep longer.

If you can snag, a camp stove and you are all good!

May the force be with you!

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