Weight Loss Wednesday: The Positives of Peer Pressure

By Natalie Scrupps

If it’s the motivation to get your arse moving that is your downfall in terms of weight-loss, read on to learn how other people can burn the pounds for you…

In line with my mission of making the vegan brethren’s existence a lot simpler, I’ve decided to remove the wonderful gift of free will, along with that issue of ‘lack of motivationm’ and explain how the awfulness of peer pressure is actually the new frontier in fitness…

 7.00 a.m. Alarm sounds.

7.05 a.m. Alarm sounds again.

7.10 a.m. The alarm persists.

This pattern may continue until the alarm meets its untimely death on the floor of my bedroom…

7.30 a.m. I will tentatively stick a foot out the covers to be greeted by a rush of supposedly ‘invigorating’ morning British air.

7.35 a.m. Once my feet have recovered their blood supply, I will pull on my running gear and haul my proverbial through approximately four miles of isolated muddy fields.

I undergo this torturous routine about three times a week all in the name of ‘weight-loss,’ not that it’s having much effect. The issue with this routine is not the time of day, or even the very real threat of pneumonia, it’s more the isolation – no one would ever know if I didn’t do it. I could just let the alarm settle into it’s grave amongst all the other crap on my floor, roll over and go back to sleep…ahh…

Unfortunately, the tape measure refuses to let this heavenly option occur, instead allowing the farmers of Lincolnshire a hearty chuckle every couple of days at the red, muddy midget (me!) attempting to scale the ditches of England.

Not being a keen or particularly fast runner I still like to time myself in the wishful thinking I may, one day, master a 10-minute mile – It’s this timing that led to what can only be referred to as no less than a revelation. I recently spent some time in London and managed to clock up some miles at a significantly faster pace than ever before; why was this I pondered? Would it be that I was pounding pavement instead of wading through manure? The marginal warmer climate of London allowing easier blood flow? Nope, I realised the catalytic effect in making me go faster was the presence of all the Londoners I couldn’t avoid on my travels.

Feeling the eyes of people shopping, those gathered at bus stops and the hundred of other joggers (obviously) passing by meant I was shamed into actually putting in that extra effort and dripping that extra drop. This pressure pushed me further, and so I’ve thought up a few ways you too can use pressure to lose poundage:

1) Run in a fairly busy area, where there are lots of people watching.

2) Alternatively, download an app such as LogYourRun or Nike+ that will record your route and timing and post it to Facebook for everyone you know to see. (Nike+ allows your friends to “cheer” you on as you go.)

3) Attend regularly-run exercise classes or a jogging club; after a while any absence will be noted and they may even bring out your competitive streak.

4) Join a local sports team. Your fellow teammates will come to rely on you being there and you gain a new social life.

5) Throw away your own scales so you have to attend public weigh-ins, such as those run by my slimming clubs, or download an app such as Watch Me Change Weight; recording your weight-loss to Facebook/Twitter must be daunting enough to get you moving.

We’ve all heard sayings like “extreme results call for extreme measures” or “No pain, no gain.”

However, if like me, you and these motivational mantra just don’t relate, take a simpler tactic by giving yourself no option; be bullied into budging that bulge!

Natalie Scrupps is a writer and plant enthusiast from Lincolnshire, England. As an English country bumpkin, there are a lot of ups and downs to being an animal-avoidee. In this column, she hopes to help make vegan country living a lot simpler.

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