Fashion Friday: Edgy Style = Tons of Compliments?

By: Lindsay Geller

I am not the “edgy” friend. I follow @WhiteGirlProblems on Twitter, still wear my retainer every night, and model my life after Leslie Knope (minus the waffles). As such, it’s probably not surprising that my favorite fabric is lace and my favorite articles of clothing are dresses. Besides lace, I have an affinity for vintage-style clothing, hence my obvious obsession with ModCloth. However, I surprised myself with a new love towards everything studded.

You certainly don’t have to be “edgy” to incorporate studs into your wardrobe but remember it’s me we’re talking about. It just took me by surprise that I—a self-proclaimed old soul—felt comfortable donning spike laden fashion (clutches pearls). My infatuation began with a simple pair of shoes. I had gone into the Primark on Oxford Street in London looking for a dress of course and a pair of (what else) Oxfords. However, I fell in love with a pair of studded booties instead. So naughty. As I tried them on in the store, I had a real talk with myself about whether or not I could pull them off.
Me: Ooh, I really like these.
I: Yeah, but are you cool enough to wear them?
Me: Probably not…but I’m going to get them anyway.

Since I had literally stepped outside of my comfort zone, I was a bit self-conscious the first time I wore my studded shoes. Luckily, this feeling only lasted about five seconds as that was how long it took me to receive my first stud-directed compliment. Keeping up my new cool, edgy image, I responded with nonchalant gratitude to every new word of praise. “Oh, these?” I said. “Thanks, I got them in London.” I HAD FOOLED THE WORLD. With my newfound confidence, I graduated from shoes to jacket, with even better results. The previous shower of compliments was a trickle compared to the tidal wave I received whenever I walked into a room, and I absolutely loved it.

I know what you’re thinking, whatever who doesn’t like compliments?! Point is what I want you to take away from this article is that, with fashion, it’s good to be adventurous. Trying out new styles helps you discover different parts of your personality, and, who knows, they’re probably freaking awesome. If you do have an edgy style, maybe it’s time to cover your ankles… If you’re a die-hard dress-lover, try taking on pants -you can even try them under the dress first. It’s very easy to get trapped in your stylistic comfort zone, but so refreshing once you take that first step outside of it. I’m still far from the textbook definition of “edgy,” but I think I’ve made my point (wink).

Have a lil work break laugh with my idol. Sigh… Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Fashion Friday: Edgy Style = Tons of Compliments?

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the shoes! I am also quite shy when it comes to clothing, there’s so much I’d love to wear but my confidence lets me down. you should be proud for stepping out in your studded shoes. I’m a real fan of edgy style and love iron fist clothing. this is my latest purchase, however I just haven’t gathered the confidence yet to wear it out! thanks for sharing, Sarah.

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