Foodie Tuesday: Bruschetta, Bruschetta, Bruschetta!

By: Lindsay Geller

Oh, bruschetta—there ain’t nothing betta, you’re such a go getta—okay, I’ll stop now. Yes, I do love bruschetta, but I don’t think I should pretend that an ode to it’s crisp yet juicy, savory yet simple goodness actually makes for a legitimate article. Still, after conquering the big three (Venice, Florence, Rome) of Italy, I’m having bruschetta withdrawal. This beautifully vegan appetizer was my favorite dish to pair with myriad salads…and I miss it. Bruschetta has been one of my favorites for a while, but we reached a new level of devotion and commitment over the past four days.

I was so enamored with this food that I even took some home with me. Obviously, I didn’t try to sneak any rotting tomatoes through customs; I bought a bruschetta herb mix that I cannot wait to try out once I am back in the states. Because of my American ingenuity (read:weirdness), my favorite way to serve bruschetta is not on toasted bread. I prefer it over some quinoa seasoned with cilantro, rosemary, oregano, whatever I have on hand. The bruschetta-quinoa combination sounds like a conflicting mixture of East and West, but I think that intercultural cooking is the way of the future. Like I always say, food doesn’t have to be politically correct to be delicious. (Okay, I never say that…but I’m not wrong?)

At any rate, whether you like bruschetta served traditionally or want to make your own combinations, the tomatoey deliciousness cannot be denied. Even people who don’t like tomatoes usually cannot resist bruschetta, hence its widespread popularity. In my experience, bruschetta has been loved by both vegans and non-vegans. Guiding me through Italy, making tomatoes desirable, bringing people together, is there anything bruschetta can’t do?

I certainly don’t think so. Bruschetta can be made simply, with just tomatoes, olive oil, basil, garlic, and salt, or can go totally gourmet with different flavor additions. Some recipes don’t even contain tomatoes! Here are a few of my favorite recipes ranging from super simple to daringly complex:

1. My first ever bruschetta recipe here.
2. Substitute parmesan cheese with vegan parmesan cheese or omit altogether. I Like this recipe.
3. If it’s not tomato season try this tasty avocado alternative.
4. If you’re feeling ambitious try this!

So, no matter how you dice it, bruschetta is a simple yet enticing dish that is sure to please a full range of pallets, vegan or non.

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