Foodie Tuesday: So Hungry You’re Hangry!!?

By Lindsay Geller

The Urban Dictionary isn’t just a source for definitions about sex and bodily functions – go figure.  It also offers a complete definition of “hangry:” The state of being so hungry that it has become infuriating. A hybrid of–of course–hungry and angry. Unfortunately, I could write my own definition of this term since I’ve become familiar with it through both first and secondhand experience. Simply put, it sucks. I associate hanger with Voldemort’s locket; and just like that horcrux, hanger can turn the best of friends into the bitterest enemies. Hanger can and should be avoided at all costs. Here are a few tips to keep your stomach full and your friendships intact:

1. Be vocal. The best way to avoid hanger is to let your travel companions know that it is happening. They will stop for you. Even a five-minute sojourn into the closest convenience store can make a huge difference.

2. Be versatile. When you’re traveling with other people, especially if it’s a large group, you most likely won’t be able to find a restaurant that pleases everyone. This is especially true for vegans, so be prepared to compromise. Even if all you can find is a salad or an appetizer, it’s better than spending another half an hour on a wild goose chase.

3. Be prepared. Tons of vegan snacks out there are portable (how snack-y of them), which makes them perfect for traveling. Taking a few extra minutes to stash some vegan granola bars or trail mix in your baggage is a quick and easy way to combat hanger.

4. Be a grazer. If you have trouble finding a full vegan meal, then don’t be afraid to stop at food stands along your travels. Europe, for example, is teeming with shawarma stands that offer the best and cheapest falafel I have ever had.

So if you find yourself personally victimized by hanger, follow these tips…and eat something.

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