Music That Makes You Cooler:

I started  DJ’ing at the age of 15, and I’m still doing it today. It’s one of the things I have continued to do through it all. Today, the game is so different. I used to spend hours  combing though record stacks in record stores that all smelled the same way, and putting out mixtapes to get into record pools so I could get the freshest “white labels” that only the coolest DJs had. In a post serrato world, now all you need is a dope website with a download button.

Music went digital right around the time I lost the majority of my record collection in a fire; I have still not rebuilt the collection, but hard drives are a lot lighter than the large milk crates I would carry around. Like a good DJ, I always keep my ears open for good stuff. Whilst rollin with my homegirl she played a CD by a blog called, a website dedicated to that funky, lounge-y, house party /early at the club music and remixes I used to love to play. The site features all that evolution of ’90s hip hop music (Little Brother, Common, Flowetry, Dwele, Slum Village etc.) and remixes galore. Like this Bossa Nova inspired remix-tape.

Check this Sade remix below if you listen you can hear the the (Ableton) Live modulation make for a real “underground” feel.

I’m also feeling this Lenny kravitz remix of breathe

There is a ton of great mixes on the soundcloud page I never thought I’d be saying this about an alabama based- well anything, but I highly recommend you visit the site and soundcloud page while bored at work and spend some time. Great for downloading and making mixes, but they also have vinyl! DJ’ing is sooo easy today. Lucky you.

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  1. Devika Srivastava says:

    Love this!!! A lot of folks I listen to (talib, little brother, Shafiq husayn, dwele, etc) have stuff on bamalovesoul…and I’m liking the remixes (which is rare for me). I appreciate your hip hop likes and shares.

    Thanks! 🙂

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