My Meatless Life: Me, Mom, and No Microwave

By Ayinde

I took my mother to the theater Saturday night. It just so happened that we went to see a play by Tennessee  Williams called the Glass Menagerie.  The play is about an overbearing mother who has a troubled relationship with her son and wants her daughter to get a gentleman caller. The catharsis kicked in about 15 minuets into the play and Mom leaned in and said “are you sure you didn’t know what this play was about?” I nervously answered “Nope!”

The play was very well acted,  and my mother suggested I “go out for the play” next time, saying I could really play the role of disgruntled son. No, I didn’t know how to take that either. But I settled on it being a compliment. On the way over, she also said she liked a clip she saw on my Facebook of me and a friend doing a scene from Crash. She said I did the scene “disturbingly well, it was so natural.”  While that is high praise for an actor, the character I was acting is…how can I put this…an uncle Tom  borderline abusive a**hole. Despite this, I took as a compliment. I do think I can play anyone on stage or screen, including a 40 year old white woman… What? It’s all about the makeup and wardrobe.

Anyway, Mom and I had a good time and went our for Chinese food after. The interesting thing about the whole evening was it was a next step in getting to know my mother as a person (and woman! Gasp!). I always knew she was into art, but she is also an adventurous and curious eater, and the fact that she is in her late 60’s did not stop her from breaking out her 4’ heels for the evening, and the shoes inspired the following conversation:

Mom: Oh I can’t believe I used to wear 4 inch heels all the time.
Me: Really Mom?!
Mom: Oh yes child, I had nice legs- nothing like my heels and black mini.
Me: Gross!

The fact is that as I get older I realize who my parents are as people, and given that there are only so many personality types in the world, chances are I have run across their “type” and it’s weird to see my mom as that girl with the nice legs and a short skirt. But I guess she did have a life before me.

The only real take-away for you from this article (other than a peek in my life with mom) would be the method of how I reheated the leftovers. We never had a microwave growing up and my parents still don’t. I was trying to explain to a friend the other day how to heat without a micro and discovered that it is a lost art.  So here is how you do it.

How to heat leftovers without a Microwave

Place food in a skillet (or frying pan) heat the pan on medium high, add the food and a little bit of water. Quickly cover the pan, reduce the heat to low, and allow the steam to heat the food.

Anyone out there cooking without a micro?

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6 Responses to My Meatless Life: Me, Mom, and No Microwave

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  2. Carter says:

    Yup! I’ve been microwave free for going on 6yrs!

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  4. Fawn Simpson says:

    I love that you are getting to know your mom as an adult. Sounds like she is a lot of fun. Great blog FB page. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.

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