Wellness Wednesday: Party in the USA

Oh, America—home of the free, the brave, and the blended. After three months of subsisting mostly on wheat bread, peanut butter, and apples, I need to detox. So I’ve been making up for lost time with my Vitamix Turboblend VS and getting cozy with this extensive list of smoothie recipes. Unfortunately, not all the recipes are vegan, but the ones that aren’t can be easily modified. Since I’ve spent the past three months in a long distance relationship with my favorite kitchen appliance, I was a bit overzealous my first couple of days back. I went a little smoothie crazy this week, but my frenzy sparked a delicious smoothie recipe.

The finished product!

Lindsay’s Favorite Post Workout Smoothie:

½ cup chocolate almond milk

1/2 banana

1/2 cup strawberries (I used frozen because they’re out of season.)


1/5 package of silken tofu (more or less depending on what you want)
4 ice cubes
1 tbsp flax seeds (optional)
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
¼ avocado (optional)

You can also add peanut butter to this recipe or replace the strawberries with the berry of your choice (I suggest raspberries). What’s great about this recipe is that it’s pretty versatile, you can add or subtract any ingredients you want. If you want a more chocolately and less thick smoothie, you just have to increase the amount of almond milk. If you’re not a big chocolate fan, you can just do regular almond or other non-dairy milk no problem. You could also add two cups of spinach or other leafy greens if you’d like.


It all looks kinda weird but...

look how beautifully it comes together!










So this is what I’ve been doing with my life since I’ve gotten home, but I’m always looking for new smoothie recipes to try. If you’ve got a must try recipe, please share it with me! My blender and I will be forever in your debt 🙂

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