Company Crush: Organic Living Superfoods

I come from a podunk town in eastern Pennsylvania where a search for nutritional yeast means going to three different health food stores. Where I come from, veganism is still considered “weird,” so there aren’t a whole lot of local companies with products conducive to a vegan lifestyle. The West coast is  bursting with organic, vegan-friendly companies, but in my area, finding a good, wholesome company can be difficult.

However, my search (and hopefully yours!) has come to an end with a new company called Organic Living Superfoods located in Boston, Mass. I’m lucky enough to work with the company’s founders, Bruce and Craig, who are two of the coolest and most genuine people I have ever met. Their enthusiasm for their company is only surpassed by the actual quality of their products. Not only are their products 100% vegan, but they’re also raw, organic, and seriously delicious. If you don’t believe me, ask this empty bag of their Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries.

Where did all my Chocolate Covered Goji Berries go? Oh, that's right, into my stomach.

To say I’m addicted to these little beauties would be an understatement. I think these are the new chocolate chips, perfect for both snacking and baking. Trust me, you can’t eat just one. Nor should you want to because goji berries are a serious superfood. Not only are they the most nutrient dense fruit on Earth, but they also contain all the essential amino acids. If that weren’t enough, they also have the highest protein concentration of any fruit, contain 21 trace minerals, are high in fiber, and have fifteen times the amount of iron as spinach. “Superfood” might even be a bit of an understatement.

Eight ounces just isn't enough!

Another one of their sweet products are the Sprouted Cinnamon Pecans, made of only three ingredients: pecans, cinnamons, and dates. Can you believe that? When you compare these little dandies to the ingredients to those in commercial honey glazed pecans (which aren’t even vegan!), there’s a clear winner. Artifical preservatives and extraneous chemicals aren’t welcome at Organic Living Superfoods. Not only are these pecans made with only real, natural, and organic ingredients, they’re pretty darn tasty. They’re a great snack, as well as an inventive ingredient to add to oatmeal, cookies, maybe even pecan pie?

The Cinnamon Sprouted Pecans - Naturally sweetened and full of protein? What more could you want?

Besides these two products, Organic Living Superfoods offers a full range of dried fruits, seeds, powders, chocolate, nuts, and trail mix. And they’re not even done. In the future, they plan to include vegan desserts (raw cookies, pies, and puddings), cleanses, smoothies, kale chips, vegan crackers, and granola to their already lengthy list of offerings. Their selection is unparalleled in the New England area, fulfilling the needs of an increasing vegan population and answering the call for greater sustainability.

Not only does Organic Living Superfoods care about the environment, but they most importantly care about their customers. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the US for orders over 50 dollars and offer a new promotion every month. For January, the guys are offering a free eight ounce bag of Chia Squares with every purchase. All you have to do is enter “FREE CHIA” into the “Add Promo Code” box at checkout and, like magic, you get what you love and a little something extra. Like a certain tattoo of a Mexican drinking worm (Bridesmaids, anyone?), IT’S FO’ FREE!

Organic Living Superfoods is a company in which I wholeheartedly believe and support, so it’s not difficult for me to rave about them. Still, I want you guys to take part in this experience, so try out their products and comment below! I’m confident you’ll be a lifelong “superfoodie” after just one bite.

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