Dating Vegans and Omnivores: The Pros and Cons

"But I thought you LIKED carrots!"

By Christy Casusol

Being that I look up to co-founder and PETA president Ingrid Newkirk a lot, I held on to some words of wisdom she once gave me while I was an intern in the PETA DC office. She said, “Never date a man that is already vegan, you should date a meat eater and then convert him to veganism—you save more animals that way!”

I held onto this statement and used it to justify my meat-eating boyfriends. I also successfully converted each boyfriend to veganism after that! What can I say; I’m pretty much a pro in that department.

However, I recently started dating a boy that was already vegan, and can I just say that this is so refreshing! Not only is he vegan, he actually eats healthy! I mean, anyone that wakes up to a cup of tea and walks to the nearest co-op with me for kombucha is a winner in my book. *Swoon*

Observe the rare vegan male in his natural habitat.

If something were to happen to my new boo thang and I, I’m not sure I would be able to easily resume dating meat-eaters…I’ve been spoiled! I have vegan friends that are absolutely opposed to dating anyone that consumes meat…this got me thinkin’!

So I decided to weigh the pros and cons of dating both vegan and flesh-eaters (not in preparation of an untimely departure from my amazing boyfriend, just for funsies), and this is what I concluded:

Pros of dating vegans:

  • You will never have to worry about conflicting dinner plans. The most we argue over in this department is whether we’re having tofu or tempeh in our salad. 😀
  • The first night I stayed over at my boyfriend’s house I was worried about not having cruelty-free products to use. I walked in his bathroom and my heart dropped. Jason’s, Tom’s, and Desert Essence products were everywhere. <3
  • You will never have to have “the talk” with him/her. Vegans already understand each other on an ethical level and it is something you can instantly connect over. You will never have to have the veganism debate that will inevitably lead to an argument.
  • You won’t have to ask him/her to brush their teeth after eating and before kissing you! Yummm!
  • You two can get super cute and cook healthy vegan meals together. This is one of my favorite things to do now! I never cooked prior to dating this cute vegan boy!

Cons of dating vegans:

  • You’ll have to rudely insist they buy their own kombucha and vegan chocolate chip cookies because you aren’t sharing!
  • You won’t have the chance to convert someone to veganism and will often be preaching to the choir.

Pros of dating a meat eater:

  • You have the opportunity to have someone who is really close to you open up his or her mind and eat more ethically. Romantic relationships are some of the closest we have in our lives and we have the greatest influence over these people. This gives you an opportunity to save more animals and help someone led a healthier life that otherwise probably wouldn’t have!
  • More vegan ice-cream for you!
  • You can impress him/her by cooking up awesome vegan versions of all their favorite dishes.

Cons of dating a meat eater:

  • They’ll have to brush their teeth prior to kissing you unless you want your tongue rolling around with animal remains. Yuck!
  • You’ll inevitably have to have “the talk” with them which in my experience doesn’t go over well the first time around. It’s hard to not become emotional when discussing animal rights related issues with someone you care about.
  • You’ll have to veganize his/her house so that you have products to use and food to eat while you’re there.

So as you see, there seems to be more pros to dating people that are already vegan. And I’ll admit, it IS refreshing and fun to have someone to share that with, but don’t count out the meat-eaters quite yet. You could be missing out on some serious hotties that could contribute to your life greatly, and vice versa.

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8 Responses to Dating Vegans and Omnivores: The Pros and Cons

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  2. Mandy says:

    The claim that you “can open up his or her” mind seems really self-righteous to me. I’m a meat eater, and after pondering the ethics of meat eating, I find myself quite content with my plate of animal remains. To assume that all non vegans are such because they have closed minds is to provoke unnecessary hostility.

    • I don’t think she means all omnivores have closed minds, but perhaps that maybe some haven’t thought too hard about the ethics of what goes on their plate. It’s one thing to have considered the ethics and be content in your decision (whatever it may be), but it’s another to have not considered an alternative.

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  5. Andrew says:

    So apparently I need to start dating vegans.

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