Fashion Friday: Wanelo–Friend or Foe?

Beware Wanelo. It is a very dangerous website and app. It pulls at your heart and purse strings, threatening to strangle you with both. Perhaps I should explain my wariness…My sister (an admitted shopaholic) introduced me to this site, and I will never forgive (read: be able to repay) her.

Wanelo is like Pinterest, minus all the recipes, DIY crafts, and basically anything that isn’t consumer-based. It is the Mecca of online shopping. This is great if you have an endless supply of money and time, but not so much if you’re– what’s the word?– normal. Still, if you want to keep up with this and every season’s hottest trends, it might just be the best place to draw inspiration. Wanelo was totally on point for 2012: full of mint, lace, studs, and, my personal favorite, witty tank tops.


The site is sure to remain in vogue through 2013 due to their cool trending feature. Wanelo enables its users to stay ahead of the fashion learning curve by following the day’s trending products. Like Twitter’s trending topics, Wanelo’s trending products are the most coveted items of the moment. Thus, being fashion forward has never been easier.

The trending topics of December 27, 2012

Besides knowing what’s hot, Wanelo also knows how to deliver.  Their extensive amount of clothing is only rivaled by a huge cellphone case selection. (Mostly iPhones are featured on the actual site, but the links may have more Android-friendly offerings.)  They also have home decor, wallets/purses, and other accessories. And of course, what would a shopping site be without shoes?

Even though everyone’s pockets are probably empty post-Christmas, Wanelo showcases items for all price points. Twelve dollar sweaters coexist alongside Free People tops. Of course, you never know the price point of an item until after you’ve fallen in love with it.

Wanelo will break your heart. It will do it again and again as you endlessly scroll down the virtual aisles of pretty things. Still, you know what they say, it is better to have loved and passed over that totally adorable lavender crocheted skirt because it was out of your price range than to have never loved at all.

My heart said, "Yes!" My bank account said, "Ha. Ha. Good one."

Have you used Wanelo? Any other shopping secrets you want to share?



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