iEG Review: Sweet on Coconut Sugar

By Christa Shelton

So, I prepared some yams the other day and was looking for something to kick them up a notch. I had my non-dairy spread to put in the mix but was also looking for some additional sweetness.  As I was looking in my kitchen drawer I noticed some unopened Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar sitting all alone towards the back.  After trying to rack my brain about where I got it from (I’m sure some type of goodie bag because I didn’t purchase it) and checking out the expiration date, I decided to give it a go!  Yeah, I’m definitely the adventurous type.

Anyway, I sprinkled just a little in my hand first to make sure I liked it enough in it’s raw state and not ruin the taste of my wonderful yams!  I know I like coconut and I like sugar (organic and in moderation of course), but a woman just never knows.  I like men and kissing too, but that combination doesn’t always work – just sayin’.

Sorry, I digress, the first raw taste test was good!  It just didn’t give me the full effect though, so I sprinkled some on the yams and the taste was still all good!  The yams tasted as though I had added a little bit of brown sugar, so I could definitely see using it as an alternative there. The coconut sugar overall had a very mild taste and I didn’t pick up the taste of coconut.  So, if coconut is not your thing, you could still easily use this sugar and be just fine.  After my successful taste run with the coconut sugar, I did some digging to get some more skinny on this mildly sweet stuff.

I found out that it’s primarily made up of sucrose with smaller amounts of glucose and fructose.  It is classified as a low glycemic food and considered to be a healthier choice over refined white and brown sugar.  It also has a high mineral content containing potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.  It additionally contains vitamins B1, B2, B6.  The coconut sap where the sugar comes from has 16 amino acids!  It is also said to be a safe sugar alternative for those with diabetes.

So, overall, Madhava coconut sugar gets my vote as a great sugar alternative find!  I don’t keep sugar stocked at home, so having this in my kitchen when I need to add some sweetness to a dish will work perfectly!

Now if I could just come across unworn clothes with tags hidden in my closet, I will really be on to something!

For more info or to scoop up your own coconut sugar, visit

Christa is always down to find stuff to serenade her sweet tooth. Get the goods on her fling with coconut sugar and find out what else tickles her fancy by visiting her blog 

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