Martha Stewart Goes Meatless

Martha Stewart publishes Meatless, a cookbook dedicated to vegetarian and plant-based eating.

Attention homemakers and the rest of you hungry for the Hallmark Channel. Martha Stewart and her crew of cooking queens have gone meatless. In her latest cookbook, Meatless, Stewart introduces an amassment of more than 200 vegetarian recipes.

According to Martha’s blog, the path toward vegetarianism was chosen because of the offered benefits such as reducing the risks of cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Consume more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Eat fewer meats. It’s easy as that. It’s about time we found a mainstream mamma to veg out!

“Over the past several years, I myself have had a gradual trending towards less and less meat, even less and less fish,” Stewart admitted on her blog. “Now I rely so much on other sorts of protein, on many vegetables, most of them farm raised, and on fruits and pastas.”

Although not entirely vegan, it’s still a step in the right direction. The timing couldn’t be any better. With The Cooking Channel’s new all-vegan cooking show tag-teaming with meatless Martha, plant-based eating is on the rise.

Hopefully while Stewart promotes a veggie diet to the public, more people will learn that it is possible to prepare savory and satisfying meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Many of Stewart’s recipes are vegan friendly such as the roasted sweet-potato salsa and mashed white beans and vegetables which are made without butter or cream. Sneaky, sneaky Ms. Martha, but we know what you’re up to and we’re looking forward to an all-vegan cookbook coming soon. No pressure.

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  1. lindsay says:

    Such a great article, Elyssa! And I can’t believe she tweeted at us! (Or, at the very least, one of her practically perfect minions did.)

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