R&B Singer Ne-Yo Hops on the Celeb Veg Train

Many celebs have already revealed their 2013 resolutions, and a lot of us have been hanging on to their every word. However, there is one celebrity in particular that we are hanging on to  their every Tweet! Well, at least a few of them.

In a series of tweets, R&B singer Ne-Yo revealed he’s “gonna try to go vegan.”

Good enough for us! There are plenty of different reasons as to why people decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Usually, everything else – the animal cruelty, health issues and environment — falls in to place after that.

We commend 30-year-old Ne-Yo for his efforts and wish him the best of luck. Tweet @NeYoCompound and support him in his vegan endeavors as well as other newbie grass munchers!

Ne-Yo joined  singer Leona Lewis along with Hollywood stars Dax Shepard and Fran Drescher who all went vegan in 2012 among other celebs.

Another way celebrities like Steve-O, Kathy Freston and Elizabeth Kucinich hop on the veg-promo train is by joining Vegan Resolution 2013. Members pledge to go vegan — or at least try. I mean, we already know that a plant-based diet is better for personal health, animals and the environment. It sort of just seems like a no brainer! So keep promoting and let’s get this resolution rolling. How do you plan on getting the vegan lifestyle out there? Let us know in a comment or tweet us @AYINDE.


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3 Responses to R&B Singer Ne-Yo Hops on the Celeb Veg Train

  1. Devika Srivastava says:

    I was jazzed to hear abt Ne-Yo going vegan! I’m not the biggest fan but guy can dance (and I guiltily like “Let me love you”). I think this is hopefully gonna bring veganism more to the mainstream and make ppl who would never consider veganism think about it..like Arian Foster did. People who were never exposed to vegan ism saw their role model do it and accepted it and see the relevance of a vegan lifestyle..and prob with these celebs, ne-yo included, it may be reaching more mainstream populations (im hoping touching younger generations and more people of color as well (Yays!))

    • elyssa says:


      I must admit, I love that song too! With all of the celebs and athletes on board and the Cooking Channel’s new all vegan cooking show, we are definitely on the right track!

      – E

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