Weight loss Wednesday: Man Weight

By Ayinde

After you turn 30 your body changes. If you were a great athlete then, now chasing a ball or hitting a heavy bag with all your might just seems just- hard. The moves I used to do with such ease now require effort. Like, a lot! I make noises when I stand up. I didn’t even notice how much, until I did, after realizing my father was not in the room, no I made that noise. Ok alright…

I know what you’re thinking: What is Ayinde doing writing about losing weight? While I’m not fat (can I say that?) I can be healthier. I’ve been skinny all my life, but I have not always been as healthy as I want to be. I have never had to work to get rid of unwanted weight. Being a chef, I have to be on my feet a lot pumping out food and testing recipes. While it kept me active, it didn’t make it easier to monitor what I was eating– trust me!

I’ve put on 15 pounds in the last nine months, and for the most part, I LOVE it. I like the extra weight, but because I am not at my healthiest, it’s not exactly distributed the way I want it to be.  I’ve been hovering around 147 to 152 soaking wet and fully clothed since I was 15. As a youngin, I had a lean swimmer’s build. That’s what you were picturing right? But with my aforementioned early 30’s second puberty, my body is less Michael Phelps and more like a mix between Lenny Kravitz and Steve Tyler, minus about 20 years. What do you get?A skinny fat guy (This is probably not PC).

But what can I do? I have a habit–like many of us do–to eat all that is put in front of me. Couple that with crazy hours working in food and what do you think is gonna happen? A lot gets put in front of me! My yoga/running program are the first things to go when I need sleep, and my craving for comfort food is increased.

So yes it’s cliche, but yes it’s my goal for this new year: Exercise more. Here’s the trick. You have to help me stay on track. What I’m doing is using this column to document my active year. No, not how to lose weight but to adjust my body, my muscles, and my frame to support all this extra Ayinde. Yes, I said it and this may sound weird, but I like my new “Man Weight.” It’s the foundation for “Man Strength”–ask your oldest male relative to tell you what it is. But my body is in shock, and I am looking to redistribute my weight a bit. Here is how I am gonna do it.

Phase one: Start with what I know.
I did Yoga yesterday and I plan to practice tonight.

Phase two: Bring back a goodie
I always loved my bike. I was a BMX guy before all those kids were getting paid to do it. No skate/bike parks, just neighborhood ramps with plywood and bricks. So I also purchased a bike.

Phase three: Make sure I do phases one 1-2
It’s great to have a plan, but if you don’t put it in motion, nothing is going to happen. So help me stay accountable!! Send me a Tweet and check in with me and help me stay on track. Follow me @ayinde.

Here we go!

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  2. fanya395 says:

    Work out with some kettlebells or try crossfit if you are looking to change your body and keep some solid weight on. Th cardio will only take you so far.

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