Weight Loss Wednesday: Stay Well This Winter With Immune Boosting Bevs


By Callie McBride

If you hail from L.A, we New Yorkers are kinda envious right about now. Whipping winds and 11 degree weather isn’t cute–trust us. Naturally, people from all cold climates all over the country are lingering in their warm beds a bit longer and resemble eskimos as they step outside; ski masks, anyone? The freezing weather doesn’t always help one’s cause at hitting the gym every day and choosing healthful food options. Who can blame them? A venti, frothy, steaming hot coffee or a massive slice of warm vegan chocolate cake always makes a miserable day of commuting so much better…

While this may be true, it can’t really serve as an excuse to hibernate in bed with a bedside table full of snacks for two weeks straight. As lovely as that sounds, a healthy diet and regular workout routine is crucial for physical and mental health, come rain or shine. Or snow. Or freeze!  My most indulgent self comes out during the winter, as I constantly whine about how summer feels like forever away and slather on extra moisturizer onto my dry, dehydrated skin. Luckily, I have stumbled upon the perfect remedy for a cold weather-induced craving for all things warm and chocolatey. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a frankly strange-sounding beverage: medicinal mushroom hot cocoa. My inner vegan was thrilled. I took a sip and was floored; this rich, dark chocolate drink warmed me to my core and my friend explained how nutritious it is. I hopped online later that night, dead-set on finding this product for myself.

Enter Cocoa Mojo Organic Fair Trade Coffee and Organic Cocoa Powder! The coffee grinds contain Nutricafe’s “special blend of herbal extracts” that helps balance the effects of caffeine in the body. Its less acidic than most other coffee and the special blend adds an extra immune boost to your system. For those of you who try to follow the 80/20 alkaline/acid rule, like myself, cheers to that! The cocoa powder is equally as powerful: it is made from pure cocoa and sweetened with coconut palm sugar, and it contains two medicinal mushrooms, “Cordyceps and Ganoderma for extra immune system support.” The folks over at EnerHealth Botanicals, the health and wellness website through which I ordered my goodies, even suggest mixing the two to create the ultimate chocolate mocha. Ahem, you’re welcome.

EnerHealth offers a variety of organic and immune-boosting products, as well as plethora of herbs and supplements. It promises to offer “the highest quality products to enhance your health while providing you with news & information to help you make informed decisions with your health and life.” True to the vegan, health-conscious style, this website can surely become your new go-to for products to enhance your health and wellness. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m definitely going to be wrapping up this coffee & chocolate combo with pink and red ribbon.

This stuff is proof that you can sneak healthy ingredients into just about anything. How do you boost your body with healthy add-ins? Let me know!

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