DIY Beauty 101: Oil For All!

If you’re like me you’ll do anything you have to, even if it means frying your hair, to make it perfect. Hey, I’m a girl. It’s embedded in our biology to nurture our locks otherwise it would be more socially acceptable to walk around with a buzz cut. Men, you actually got the better end of this deal; but at least we’re prettier.

Unfortunately, all the blow-drying, flat ironing, curling and product using comes with a heavy price: damage. Split ends, dry and even dull colored hair.

Personally, I am obsessed with growing my hair out. My hair grows slow. There are many scientific reasons why it grows slow and I am aware of that. However, it’s a mind game to me. For some reason in my mind I believe that my hair will grow long beautiful locks if I don’t cut it; logical thinking, right? Wrong.

Healthy hair grows faster than damaged hair. All the different treatments and styling techniques us girls do can impair hair growth. The longer your hair is, the older the ends are. So it is important to keep up with frequent trims. But, if you’re stubborn like me and ignore science, there is a way to cheat a little and avoid that hay-like fried texture. And if you DO keep up with haircuts like a good girl, these treatments will work for you as well (probably even better!)

Since December, I have been dousing my hair in different oils. Since these treatments are best done sparingly (about two weeks for some) I have been careful to not over-do it. Plus, I wanted to make sure I knew which oil the best results were coming from!  The treatments I tested include: tea tree oil, Moroccan oil, and olive oil. I have lots of opinions about all three, obviously, but I want to share the health benefits of each first! Then, I promise, I’ll get to the step-by-step procedures.

OROGOLD Tea Tree Oil

First, I went with the tea tree oil treatment. I used tea tree oil from OROGOLD  Cosmetics, but any brand (as long as it’s cruelty free) will do. This essential oil is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. The particular treatment I chose relieves hair of dandruff, dryness and split ends. Once I styled my hair it was like instant gloss. The tea tree oil basically masked my split ends and made my hair hella shiny – and I don’t even say “hella.” In fact, it was so awesome that I immediately snapped the photos below and sent them to Zoe, our managing editor.

Heck yes tea tree oil!

MoroccanOil® Treatment

A few weeks later I tested Moroccan oil from Moroccanoil®. This oil is derived from the kernel of the fruit of the argan tree native to Morocco. It is rich in fatty acids which lubricate your hair in a way that leaves it soft and shiny. This oil is great for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. The best part about argan oil is that it is not greasy, smelly or sticky like olive oil for example (I’ll get to that in a moment.) I can’t speak for other brands but Moroccanoil® smells of a powdery sweetness. This treatment can be done more frequently than the others. It definitely made my hair shiny but, compared to the other oils, left my hair feeling a little weighed down.

The olive oil treatment was definitely the messiest! Nutritional oil such as olive, almond and avocado are excellent for nourishing, softening and conditioning the hair. They supply antioxidants to protect follicles from damage. Essential oils can be used such as lavender, thyme or sage for a more therapeutic effect for your scalp. I highly recommend this mostly for the fragrance alone. Olive oil has a very heavy cooking-like smell that I would not choose to associate with hair care. The end result left my hair feeling feathery and light. I loved the fluffiness – not frizzy, but fluffy. The only downfall that I observed is that my hair got greasier faster than usual. Since I like to keep active, I wash my hair daily. However, I do have a lot of close friends who “save” their styles and skip a wash. For those of you who do this, you might want to go with one of the other treatments. I tested this treatment after my workout and held off from washing my hair until the next night. In the long term, however, this might pay off for you.

A quick recap before I get into the details of the treatments: each of the oils left my hair shiny and did a pretty good job at masking my split ends. The overall look of my not-so-healthy strands improved immensely. That’s the important stuff. As far as what oil you try, well that’s entirely up to you. Check out the step-by-step processes below. This way, you can figure out which treatment you have time for! Shall I begin?

Tea Tree Oil (the easy treatment)

Nice and shiny!


  1. Squeeze a normal-sized amount into your palm.
  2. Add a few drops of tea tree oil.
  3. Lather and rinse!
  4. Let dry or style as usual.



Moroccan Oil (the smell-good treatment)

Silky; but a little heavy. Not as fluffy.


  1. Wash and condition hair as usual.
  2. Towel dry.
  3. Apply a small amount throughout damp hair. You can also apply to dry hair but I prefer dampened.
  4. Style as usual.




Olive Oil (the pamper-yourself-treatment)

  1. Gather your materials: 2-3 oz olive oil, small airtight jar, measuring cup, pot, wide-toothed comb.
  2. Pour 2 oz olive oil into jar (3oz for thick or long hair). If you choose to use essential oil add three to four drops. Seal tight.
  3. Boil one quart (4 cups) of water. Remove from heat.
  4. Place the jar with the oils in the hot water. Do not heat the oil directly because you will lose many of the health benefits.
  5. Set the timer for 15 minutes.
  6. While the oil is warming, wet your hair with warm water.
  7. Take the jar out of the water.
  8. Pour a large amount of oil in your hand.
  9. Comb the hot oil through your hair. Focus on roots and ends.
  10. Wrap towel around your head to retain as much heat as you can.
  11. Leave in for 20 minutes. Use this time to make some important phone calls, reply to some emails or just simply relax. This is the perfect opportunity to use a face mask and pamper yourself.
  12. Rinse and shampoo as normal.
  13. Let air dry or style as usual.
   Before!            Air dried.              Hidden split ends.       A little style action.  Light & feathery.
Absolutely loved all three treatments! The olive oil treatment is a nice treat, but I definitely see myself using the tea tree oil most often. Which treatment are you most willing to try? Share your thoughts in a comment!

If there is anything you would like me to test out for you feel free to speak out, I’ll try anything once.

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  1. You’ve no doubt heard about tea tree oil for skin care, but what about hair care? Tea tree oil has many wonderful healing properties. It is antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial–that’s quite a lot of anti’s for one little oil.

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