Fashion Friday: Confessions of a Dressaholic

I will use any and all excuses to avoid wearing pants. The weather is above freezing, it’s a Friday night, I have an important meeting, the pants drawer is just too far away…you get the picture. I’m a dressaholic, and proud of it. My closet is bursting with my pantless pals, showcasing dresses for pretty much every occasion. As all us ladies know, there are three types of dresses in this world: casual, business, and formal. However, we all have that favorite dress that we want to wear all the time. It fits perfectly, flatters effortlessly, and just makes you feel good. Unfortunately, we can’t wear our favorite dress all the time…or can we? With proper styling, I believe that any girl’s favorite dress can master the three basic roles of dress duty.

All dresses. I kid you not.

For me, my favorite dress is a little navy number from H&M. Seriously, if I could wear it every day, I probably would. I’m coming close to achieving this dream by using it for three different kinds of outfits.

Casual: I pair my navy dress with my favorite jean jacket, plain tan tights, and boots. Since it’s winter, I also like to pair this outfit with a light colored scarf. Any casual jacket, preferably a neutral color, will take away a little bit of the drama of the dress’s neckline, making it appropriate for daytime wear. The contrasting color of the scarf complements the darkness of the dress instead of getting lost in it. The boots, unlike heels, convey an easygoing attitude because of their walkability. By combining all these accessories my dress is casual fab.

Casual cuteness in three simple steps.

Business: The simplest way to class up any dress is to pair it with a blazer. Because my dress is navy, I chose a tan colored blazer to go with it rather than a black one because who wants to look like a giant bruise? There is a time and place for the color combination that is blavy, but this was not one of those times. Then, I added a pair of neutral heels that coordinated with the blazer and a detailed necklace. Depending on where you work, this neckline still might be too scandalous, so use discretion when trying to make a casual/formal dress business savvy.



Who doesn’t love a good blazer?





Formal: This is no time for jackets. This is the time where you let the dress and a pair of unwalkable heels do all the talking. Remember that neckline we’ve been classily hiding, well, if you got it, now’s the time to flaunt it. You’re going out to a party, a bar, whatever, you want to look good. All you need is a good foundation (aka a flattering as hell dress) and your work is almost done.



Shoes and jewelry are your only plus ones tonight, so take pride in your outfit selection. It is, after all, your favorite dress.



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