Fashion Friday: Spring into Style 2013

As a result of the owl and mustache fashion fads of the past few years, I have developed an idiosyncratic system to express my opinion about certain fashion trends. Most people say that they are “over” something when they don’t like it, but I like to use the converse as well. If I like something, I’m “under” it. As far as I know, I’m the only weirdo who explains my likes and dislikes this way, and now it’s time to weigh in on the fashion trends of Spring 2013. Glamour compiled the 10 “Most Wearable Trends of Spring 2013,” but let’s see how these trends fall on my personal over-under scale.

1. Bermuda Shorts- OVER. Are those still a thing? For me, Bermuda shorts bring back flashbacks of when I was twelve, and my mother picked out all my clothes for me. Not only do these shorts make me feel less feminine, they also give one an awkward tan line. I’ll take my short shorts and high-waisted shorts over these tropical travesties any day.

Suno 2013 Bermuda Shorts -

2. Black and White- UNDER. I think that most people associate spring fashion with florals and pastels so I welcome a black and white trend to shake things up. The starkness of the two colors draws the eye’s interest in a way that no flower pattern ever could. It’s perfectly acceptable to break out the florals for a picnic or other outing, but when you’re hitting the town, black and white makes

3. Peekaboo Pieces- UNDER. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin, when done tastefully and where appropriate. Certainly, peekaboo pieces are not fit work clothes, but after 5 o’ clock…it’s time to get out of that stuffy work suit. Peekaboo pieces, as long as there aren’t too revealing, are aesthetically intriguing. They show that both the designer and the wearer paid a lot of attention to detail, which others will appreciate.

4. Statement Sunglasses- OVER. I’m not a huge fan of this trend only because I don’t consider it “new.” People have been wearing statement sunglasses since the mid-2000’s (Kanye shades, anyone?), so I don’t consider this a fashion revolution. Besides their lack of newness, I personally find statement sunglasses a bit obnoxious. That is not to say that ostentatious sunglasses can’t be cute, but the majority of these glasses are too gaudy for my taste.

5. Bold Stripes- OVER. Do stripes really look good on anyone? I know a lot of people who are die-hard stripes lovers, but it’s never really been my thing. Obviously, with this trend, you’re going to want to do vertical rather than horizontal stripes, but even if this gives me the illusion of added tallness…I just can’t seem to get under this trend. Of course, this is just a personal preference; if you’re a stripes devotee, you have been given full permission by the fashion world to go crazy. I’ll be over here chilling in my polka dots.

6. Luxe Leather- OVER. If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably over this trend too. Leather, no matter how luxurious it is, is obviously not cruelty-free. Luckily for us, with a new leather trend comes a lot of fake leather that adheres to this trend. So expect to see more fake leather in stores serving as the animal-friendly substitute for the runway original. Although I’m over the trend in general, I am under the vegan version of it.

7. Beautiful Beading- ON TOP OF. You didn’t know that was an option did you? I’m not quite sure how I feel about this new trend. I think that beading, in itself, can be very aesthetically and texturally pleasing, but I do worry about how this trend will filter down from the runway to the mainstream. At the top of the fashion pyramid, this trend is executed elegantly; however, I wonder if this delicacy will endure as the trend is passed down through the fashion ranks. Overall, I am under this trend, but I know that I am going to be so over certain pieces that execute it poorly.

8. Shorts Suits- UNDER. I don’t know if it’s the mix of formality and versatility or just the fact that shorts are involved, but I have fallen under this trend. Glamour has even deemed shorts suits office-appropriate, and I agree. Although you might be worried about showing too much leg, with the proper accessories and discretion, I think that you can make it work. Should shorts suit day fall on the same day as six-inch stilettos day? Probably not, but maybe you can work it.

9. Sporty Dresses- OVER (the ones that look like a tennis uniform). I’m not totally over this trend. The concept intrigues me; however, my biggest problem with it is that I know, I just know, that certain “sporty dresses” are going to resemble tennis uniforms. I know that we all think tennis dresses are cute, but do we really want the world to think we’re off to play a match when we’re really just on the town? These dresses are reportedly able to be paired with both wedges, heels, and canvas sneakers, but that last pairing gives me serious Lizzie McGuire flashbacks. Still, I love the A-line cut and shoulder showing, so as long as it’s in any color but white, I could see myself sporting a sporty dress this spring.

Beware the middle one-

10. Flats and Low Heels- OVER. Just like the recently reborn jean jacket, pointy heels of the 90s are back, and I am backing off. My least favorite thing about 80s and 90s fashion were the shoes, and even with claims of being “newly modernized,” I do not believe I will ever be under this trend. The pointed toe is the part of the shoe I am most over, but low heels don’t thrill me either. If you’re uncomfortable wearing tall heels, I can see why this trend might appeal to you. I think that this trend will cater to many women, but give me a T-strap with a rounded toe on six-inch heels any day of the week.

So this is just what I think of the new trends for Spring 2013, but I want to hear what you guys think! What are you guys over and under?

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2 Responses to Fashion Friday: Spring into Style 2013

  1. Martine says:

    I disagree on just about every point. Stripes are classic. Leather is a great investment piece, and fun to wear for a long time. The longer you own a leather piece the better. And what kind of hypocrite eats hamburger and doesn’t wear leather? Both are healthy, and neither is bad for the environment. Kitten heels and flats are dainty and pretty. NO ONE looks good in a short suit. Its only cute in pictures. Black and white really doesnt sound that new of an idea. In fact it sounds sort of forced. Sporty dresses sound great way to dress easy without resorting to shorts….

    • lindsay says:

      Martine, thank you for your comment. Obviously, because this is an opinion piece, I welcome any opinion that differs from my own. However, I must address your comment: “And what kind of hypocrite eats hamburger and doesn’t wear leather? Both are healthy, and neither is bad for the environment.” Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this website, but it is a vegan website. The name “” is actually reflective of all the writers’, including mine, plant-based lifestyles. Therefore, it would be hypocritical for me to wear leather since I haven’t had a hamburger in over six years and do not plan on having one again any time soon. This website is all about being cruelty-free, especially in regards to fashion. Besides being harmful to animals, there is much data that supports our belief that the production of leather does indeed have a negative impact on the environment. To provide un-biased information about this topic, I have included an article from Common Dreams and an article from and I hope you find these articles helpful, and I hope that this response has cleared up any misunderstandings about the purpose and philosophy of our website, as well as this particular article.

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