Foodie Tuesday: A Vegan Guide to Nemo (and Other Poorly Named Blizzards)

Unlike Marlin and Dory, we all found Nemo fairly easily this weekend. And now that I’ve filled my bad pun per post quota, let’s talk about being vegan with limited resources. Living in Boston, one of the main centers of the storm, I can attest that I have never seen a city shut down so completely. (Un?)luckily for me, my college’s dining hall remained open. They were able to offer all-day waffles, but their vegan options were less available. Fortunately, I had had the foresight to stock up (and by stock up I mean steal) some necessary vegan snacks. I was able to have my daily green smoothie and enjoy apples and peanut butter, but for people with actual incomes and lives, these probably are not ideal snow day meals.

Or you could just ski to the store...not that it'd be open. But points for creativity!

Still, even if you have more options, you might be caught unawares by the next snow storm. If you’re snowed in and only have access to the food in your pantry, I have a simple solution that will nourish your body and warm your soul. In my opinion, a meal meant for snow days is vegan chili. I love making vegan chili because you can just take whatever vegetables you already have in your fridge and throw them together in a crock pot (or saucepan) with a nice mix of spices. Before you know it, you’ve got an easy and delicious meal that will weather any storm.

I bet you're feeling warmer and happier already :)






My personal favorite recipe is from OhSheGlows, but for those of you who aren’t chili fans, vegetable soup is another great option. (And if you happen to have some cornmeal lying around, you can pair it with some vegan cornbread!) What I love about these recipes is that you can omit or substitute pretty much any of the vegetables involved and the product will still be yummy and filling. They’re perfect for those days when you don’t have access to the grocery stores, but they’re also just great recipes to make winter seem just a little bit warmer.

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