iEG Charity Event Feb. 20: The Lusty Vegan Comedy Mixer

We are excited to announce iEG’s upcoming  charity event: The Lusty Vegan Comedy Mixer.  This event, held on Wednesday, February 20th, will include small bites, drinks, and a comedy show surrounding February’s (in?)famous theme: Love. A handful of hilarious comedians will entertain our guests with tales of love, dating and sex as they enjoy drinks and eats prepared by Ayinde. This event was formed with the single vegan in mind, but all are welcome—couples, complicated and otherwise attached.

Located at the Passenger Bar in Williamsburg, guests are invited to stay, drink and mingle with the other guests and, with all that talk of love, who knows what will happen! Ticket  proceeds will go to Project Green Up, a local student led organization.

Stay tuned for ticket sales and a list of our performers!

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One Response to iEG Charity Event Feb. 20: The Lusty Vegan Comedy Mixer

  1. Devika Srivastava says:

    This sounds amazing! So so jealous (and makes me miss BK even more!) *sighs*

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