My Meatless Life: Build a Greenhouse in Brooklyn

I’m prepping to go back to NYC this week for a fundraising project. I have been moving towards the non-profit world for some time now. I should say that back in the day, when I was about 20, I had a non-profit called Blue Flame Tae-Kwon-Do, where I taught inner city boys the values of self defense and discipline. It was fun, but I had no idea what I was doing at the time but my sensei had faith in me and so I pressed on. It lasted until our grant and his job was cut by an initiate not getting passed during an election cycle. It was then that I learned  the value of local politics.

Fast forward to present day and I still give. As a matter fact I got my last job at Jivamukti because I was volunteering washing mats on Thursdays. I got in the mix from being around and starting from a place of giving, and from that, I was able to receive so much.

This week, we are holding a charity even to support a local student run organization called Project GreenUP, currently working to put a greenhouse in Brooklyn. I first learned about the organization from a friend and once I looked into it, I found the leader was this young charismatic kid named Tafari John-King. I saw a bit of my self in him, and I also champion the project of having a green house in Brooklyn. I grew up with a green house in walking distance and have vivid memories of walking in and feeling the climate  inside and checking out all the cool plants I’d never seen before.

The value of knowing where and how things grow is invaluable so I ask you come out on Wednesday, the 20th, and help me make this dream of Tafari’s a reality and put a green house in Brooklyn.

To raise funds, the event we’re holding is a charity comedy mixer at Passenger Bar in Williamsburg. I will be serving up some great food, and five of NYC’s best comedians will be talking about our favorite subject–sex. I mean…love. And sex. For more info, and to buy tickets, click here.

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  1. Lulu says:

    A greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any place. Good luck with your fund raiser. If I lived close by I would help! I live in WI, quite a ways from Brooklyn.

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