Live Concerts in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Where performers can broadcast LIVE and interactive experiences directly from a laptop, while offering unique fan experiences that are never archived.

The social media universe is virtually infinite. There is a social network for just about everyone these days. From plain old Facebook to professional networks and online dating profiles — social media platforms are ever expanding. There is even a social media community dedicated to everything that is “good” in the world. A soon-to-launch nostalgia-based network for the reminiscent is also in the works. Not to mention YouTube and Instagram… the possibility of sharing information, as well as promoting yourself, is endless!

When it comes to reaching and communicating to a niche group, one has to know where to pitch their tents in the campgrounds of cyberspace. If you are a crafter, sign up with Etsy, if you want to show off pretty much anything, register with Pinterest. But, if you are a musically inclined artist in need of a venue to show off what you got, thanks to founder and CEO, Evan Lowenstein, is where you need to be.

Yes, there is YouTube. But, unless you want to have your talent lost in the abyss of mediocre how-to’s and the viral Harlem Shake series… you might want to give this platform a shot. Stageit allows serious performers and even celebrities to broadcast live and interactive experiences directly from a laptop, while offering unique fan experiences. Since the performances are live, and in most cases require tickets, the shows are not archived. Performers make money and have the ability to tour every city from one location. This makes each fan experience an intimate one according to

The perks fans get from a live broadcast show know is a guaranteed front row seat. Concert-viewers have a chance to get to know their favorite performers on a regular basis and get to be with them every step of the way. They also have the ability to request songs, tip and make comments on the artist’s performance. Oh, and there’s no dress code – always a plus.

Only a few months old, this service is completely free to sign up as a performer or a fan. Stageit works the same way a concert does. The performer sets a date, time, and ticket price of their show and promotes it accordingly. Fans purchase tickets using “notes.” Notes are available when buying a ticket to the show; 10 notes = $1. Once show time hits, fans can interact with the performer via the chat feature and show additional support through a virtual tip jar. Top tippers may even be rewarded by the performer with a Skype conversation, signed merchandise and so on.

A popular country artist, Jake Owen, used Stageit to raise money for charity. He encouraged fans to “pay what you want” which, according to Owen, ranged from 10 cents to $10. Viewers proceeded to tip him to play their favorite songs. Owen sat in his kitchen, performed live via Stageit and raised over $1000 in the process.

Whether your drive is for philanthropic or entertainment purposes, check out this Sound Cloud meets YouTube opportunity and learn more at

Do you think this is the next big step toward celeb-worthy discovery? Is this something you would participate in to watch your favorite or not-yet-discovered performers? Let us know in a comment!

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