Foodie Tuesday: The Vegan Guide to Boston

Boston is home to the American Revolution, over 50 universities, and some pretty awesome vegan dining options. After months of ravenous “research,” I’ve picked my four (okay five) favorite vegan places that you need to visit the next time you’re in Beantown.

Fiore’s Bakery

Location: 55 South St  Jamaica Plain, MA 02130                                                   Contact: (617)-524-9200

T Stop: Green Street on the Orange Line

Although it is a bit of a trek to get here, the trip is well worth it for some seriously decadent sandwiches and desserts. Not only does this cozy bakery warm the belly, but it also warms the soul with its emphasis on community and family. I died and went to heaven with my first bite of their Italian maki, a fried eggplant sandwich.

Fun Fact: My omnivore friend also had this sandwich and said that it was the best sandwich she had ever eaten. I'm just saying.

Salivating yet?








Fiore’s is great because although it does cater specifically to vegans, it has a menu full of omnivore sandwiches as well. This is the perfect place to grab lunch, although their breakfast offerings, like spinach and caramelized onions scones, should not be overlooked either.

And let's not forget their giant selection of vegan baked goods? Including, but not limited to, this beautiful cream puff/whoopie pie hybrid.










Veggie Galaxy and Veggie Planet

Location: Veggie Galaxy- 450 Massachusetts Ave  Cambridge, MA 02139
Contact: (617) 497-1513

Veggie Planet- 47 Palmer St  Cambridge, MA 02138
Contact: (617) 661-1513

T Stop: Central Square for Veggie Galaxy and Harvard Square for Veggie Planet on the Red Line

These sister restaurants offer up some of the finest vegan cuisine in Boston. And by fine cuisine, I mean diner food and pizza. These two restaurants take classic American food and turn it on its head to create truly gourmet vegan dishes. It’s so good, vegheads and omnivores alike pile into these places every weekend. Seriously, I’ve been multiple times, and you’re lucky if they’re not already on a fifteen minute wait by nine a.m. Don’t worry though, the food is worth the wait. At Veggie Galaxy, I recommend anything that incorporates their sweet potato mash, such as their Mass Ave omelet. Don’t worry if you don’t wake up in time for breakfast, they serve it all day in true diner fashion. Besides delicious omelets and stuffed french toast (I KNOW), they also offer some insanely hearty burgers. The last time I was there, I opted to make my own– caramelized onions, Daiya cheese, and tempeh bacon towered atop their chickpea and mushroom patty. It was paradise on a bun.

And did I mention their vegan milkshakes (aka frappes)? They're only kind of amazing. This monster is their chocolate peanut butter one. And yes, I did eat the entire thing.

Paired with arugula salad and red cabbage coleslaw, this vegan burger delivered...big time.














If you’re still undecided, check the specials board. Every day features a soup, salad, and grilled cheese special (which can always be made vegan) that will blow your mind.

Sundried tomato and portabello mushroom vegan grilled cheese? Yes please.

And did I mention Veggie Galaxy has a full vegan bakery inside it? Because they do, and it's all perfect.
















Just one T stop away is Veggie Planet, the answer to all of my vegan pizza-related prayers. (How many of my prayers involve vegan pizza, you ask? More than I am willing to admit.) If you’re a pesto freak like I am, you will fall in love with their Tapenade Pesto. I’ve also tried the Blonde on Blonde white pizza, which was also very good, but the Tapenade Pesto really stole my heart.

Besides making vegan pizza freaking delicious, Veggie Planet has reinvented the entire pizza format. You can have your pizza over classic dough or…coconut rice or brown rice. I don’t know any other pizza place that offers distinct flavors, like Portabello Redhead, and three different ways to eat it. Truth be told, I’ve only ever had their pizza over dough. It’s seriously delicious and perfectly crispy, so can you really blame me?

This place is so close to the Harvard T station, it's ridiculous(ly awesome).

The Blonde on Blonde Pizza. The Tapenade Pesto was eaten too quickly to be photographed...




So if you’re in Boston and looking to spend the day across the Charles in beautiful Cambridge, start your morning off right with breakfast at Veggie Galaxy and end your day deliciously with dinner at Veggie Planet.








My Thai Vegan Cafe

Location: 3 Beach St (between Washington St & Knapp St), Boston, MA 02111                                                      Contact: (617) 451-2395

T Stop: Boylston on the Green Line or Chinatown on the Orange Line

Even if you don’t have time to stop here for a full meal of pad thai, pad see-ew, or any of their other delicious options, you at least need to take five minutes to order the best bubble tea in Boston. Made with coconut milk, their bubble tea is sweeter and richer than any other in all of Chinatown. My personal favorite is the Thai tea flavor, although none of their flavors can disappoint.

Orange never looked (or tasted!) so good.

Pad See-Ew? Don't mind if I do.










Not only does their bubble tea stand out from all their competitors, but My Thai differentiates itself from all other Asian restaurants in Chinatown and the rest of their city with their myriad forms of vegan meat alternatives (including shrimp and duck). If you’re looking for actual vegan Chinese food, you definitely need to hit up Grasshopper in Allston, located right next to my favorite ice cream place…


Location: 481 Cambridge St. (Between Beacon St. and Hano St.), Allston, MA 02134
Contact: (617)-903-3276

T Stop: From Kenmore Station (on the Green Line) take the 57 Bus towards Watertown Yard via Brighton and get off at Brighton Ave @ Craftsman St or take the Green Line (outbound) to Harvard Ave. Station and it’s a ten minute walk from there

If you come to Boston in summertime, you’ll probably crave some ice cream. New Englanders (for whatever reason) consume more ice cream than other Americans, but vegans don’t have to be left out of all the fun. FoMu is a vegan ice cream shop that has plenty of coconut-based flavors (with no refined sugar!) to keep your taste buds entertained. I visited there recently during Girl Scout Cookies season and indulged in their Chocolate Thin Mints flavor. This trip was great because 1. the ice cream was delicious and 2. I learned that Thin Mints are vegan! Who knew? However, FoMu isn’t just about ice cream. They also offer vegan coffee and hot chocolate drinks and vegan baked goods. I’ve only been there once since it’s so darn cold out, but once the weather gets warmer…I’ll probably be making weekly visits.


that was easy.










If you don’t want to make the trek all the way out to Allston, J.P. Licks, located all over Boston, offers vegan flavors. They’re don’t have the same cozy and local appeal of FoMu, but their Mocha Almond Soy is a must-try for vegan chocolate lovers. J.P. Licks is great because it caters to both omnivores and vegans, so everybody wins.


Of course, these are not all the vegan dining options that Boston has to offer. There’s also Allston Diner and Life Alive, as well as many restaurants that have vegan options. And if you’re coming to Boston, you have to visit Boloco, whose Bangkok Thai (with tofu) and Soy Berry Shake (minus the honey) are one of my favorite combinations. Long story short, if you’re a vegan visiting or living in Boston, you definitely won’t go hungry.

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