iEG Crush: Yonanas!

Dessert is my favorite meal. Yep, I said it. If I could eat it all day everyday, I probably would. Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream; I love it all. Obviously I can’t eat dessert for every meal, despite my wishes. I would be the most unhealthy vegan and for the girl who writes “Weight Loss Wednesday,” we don’t want that; so, I fight off my constant need for desserts and save the treats for special occasions. If a friend bakes me a cupcake, of course I’m going to eat it. If my favorite restaurant just got in a chocolate raspberry cheesecake from Vegan Treats, count me in for a slice. Whenever I bake, which sadly isn’t super often, of course I’m going to “test out” one (or 20) of my creations.

I had given up on my dream of enjoying dessert everyday until last year, when my boyfriend brought home a device that saved my life. Yonanas! I had heard of the Yonanas machine before, but I just thought that it was a cheap contraption like you see on infomercials that wouldn’t work as promised and fall apart after two uses. “Looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream!” Obviously, I was skeptical. This thing is promising to take my frozen fruit and turn it into delicious vegan ice cream? Yeah, I believe that…

I set out to try the device that I knew was going to fail. I peeled a few bananas, threw them in the freezer, and the next day, I was ready to give it a go. All you do is plop the bananas down into the machine, push them with the Yonanas plunger (uhh) and… ice cream comes out. It was actually delicious, amazing ice cream and I couldn’t have been more surprised. It took my bananas and turned them into ice cream… okay, I’m hooked.

After that first try, Yonanas became a staple in my life. I’ve replaced (for the most part) regular vegan ice cream with this frozen 100% fruit treat. Not only does this ice cream taste amazing, it’s actually healthy for you! No longer do you have to feel guilty as you’re lounging in front of the TV with a pint of ice cream. Grab a ton of frozen fruit and a giant bowl and you’ll be enjoying yourself and feeling good about it in no time!

Let’s compare! A serving of Yoanans (1/2 cup) is about 100 calories and the same serving size of Purely Decadent’s Chocolate Obsession is 180 calories. Yes, I had to get a pint of ice cream out of my freezer to figure that out and yes, I did have a bite (but only one, I swear!) Also, you can take comfort in knowing exactly what is in your treat as you’re eating it; it doesn’t come with a long list of complicated ingredients! We all know bananas are awesome, with their potassium, natural sugars, fiber, B6, and tons of other good stuff! You can also add in other fruits and nuts to pack in the nutrition like strawberries, blueberries, almonds, peanuts, and yes, even yummy high antioxidant dark chocolate! The Yonanas will blend everything together for you, leaving you with a nutritious concoction that you’ll feel great eating!

Obviously the Yonanas machine is one of my favorite products ever, but you should try it our for yourself! Experiment with recipes and report back!

I’m going to go have a bowl of banana, strawberry, mango Yonanas and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer; I suggest you do the same!

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