‘Chopped’ to Host Philly Vegan Chef

Name any vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Philly; I’ve been there. I’ve tried all the tofu, tempeh, and vegan cheesesteaks I could find, but nothing compares to the completely vegan upscale restaurant, Vedge. Since the restaurant is on the pricier side, I don’t get to go there much, but when I do, I’m never disappointed. Everything I’ve had there has been excellent and once I leave, I start to plan the next time I’ll be back.

Since I love Vedge oh so much, I was ecstatic to hear that the chef and owner, Rich Landau, will be featured on Food Network’s Chopped next month. As a huge fan of the show, I’ve been hoping and praying for an episode featuring vegan ingredients or better yet, a vegan chef. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a three-round competition where chefs create dishes from mystery ingredients. And yes, one of those ingredients is always some kind of meat or seafood. In that episode that Landau will be featured on however, they didn’t throw in any of those things that would make us vegans cringe. Landau told Philly.com that the contestants were asked to use ingredients such as tempeh, chia seeds, dandelion greens, and fresh berries.

The day I’ve been waiting for is approaching! The episode will air June 18 at 10pm on Food Network.

Did you know Vedge was voted one of GQ’s 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013? If you live in the area or are visiting and have never been to Vedge, it’s a must-try!

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3 Responses to ‘Chopped’ to Host Philly Vegan Chef

  1. Ray says:

    Great article.We’ll def try Vedge in the near future!

  2. Anne Kenney says:

    Thank you so much for this article! As a big fan if the show Chopped I’m so frickin’ excited to hear this, gee I’ve been saying every episode when are these chefs gonna get challenged for real…they rely on 2 and even 3meats in a dish to top the last and it’s over the top disgusting! And bacon in everything…..when their not trying to put truffle oil on something.
    The tastes become so narrow down to just meat practically, try something challenging Iron Chefs too and judges, Jeffery, Alex, Marcus, Aaron, Amanda how about it? Do you always have to have a dead animal in your dishes?
    The future is veganism so get creative with those brilliant minds and do something good for the world Chefs…EVOLVE!

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