iEG UPDATE: Summer Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Just an example to get your mind goin'! Creativity is encouraged.

The iEatGrass team is thrilled to announce our first ever Scavenger Hunt contest to kick off summer 2013. Not afraid to be a total goofball in public? A wild child? Or just don’t care what other people think in general? Then this is the perfect challenge for you! We’re looking for the silliest jokesters to complete the list for a chance to win amazing prizes.


  1. Take a pic or a Vine of you performing a stunt at the farmer’s market. i.e. a cartwheel, hand stand, one of those jump splits, etc.
  2. Go to a bookstore or library and gather all the vegan cookbooks you can find. Take a photo of your collection.
  3. Ham it up with a vegan chef. OK, not actual ham – but you get it. Say “dairy-free cheese!”
  4. Your best plated meal; grab a cookbook and get all Food Network, show us your best presentation.
  5. Browse through ingredient lists to find a product made with gelatin (or another shocking ingredient) that you were not aware of. Ex: Planters’ Peanuts

We will choose three winners. The winner of our last contest, Shade Ibe AKA OneVeganFatty, is now a regular contributor. You just might be the lucky winner of a limited edition iEG T-shirt! Another lucky winner will receive a Skype/G-hangout Q&A sesh with the man himself: Chef Ayinde. Learn the best summer grilling tips and tricks from a professional culinary specialist. Plus one mystery prize! The best submissions will be featured on iEatGrass. Time to get snapping!

Here’s what will happen:

1. Follow @ieatgrassdotcom on Instagram and post your photos by Friday, June 14 30 at 5pm EST. Don’t forget to use #iEGstyle. Again creativity is welcomed.

Vine entries will also be accepted on Twitter @AYINDE #iEGstyle.

2. iEatGrass staff will choose one winner to be displayed on the site.

3. Winner will be announced Wednesday, July 3.

Good luck, grassmunchers!

Disclaimer: Any injuries, theft, pain, disasters and/or other stuff that may happen as a result of attempting to complete this challenge is not our fault. Be smart.

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