Vegans Unite on!

If you’re not already on, then you will be right after you finishing reading this article. Why? Because is the next big social network and…it’s exclusively for vegans.

Interested? I thought so. is a UK based website created by Matthew Glover and Mike Dean. It only launched a week ago, on May 10, so it’s still in beta (meaning the creators haven’t worked out all the bugs), but the site looks amazing so far. The best way I can describe is as a combination of Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It has the personal profile aspect of Facebook and the “follow” feature of Tumblr, but overall, is most like Pinterest because each post resembles a pin. Not only that, but every post can be “rebleated.” The main difference is that does not have any boards to separate different types of posts, although all of your rebleats are showcased on your home screen. allows you to  eight types of posts: article, recipe, image, video, event, campaign, group, and organization. (Recipe is my favorite…) Recipe and article posts are where resembles Pinterest the most, but the edge that it has over Pinterest (in my mind, at least) is that all of these recipes are vegan. No longer do I have to pass over awesome recipes because they’re not vegan. Recipes is my favorite part of, but if you’re less food obsessed, has tons of content for you as well.

When you sign up for, it assesses your interest in various elements of veganism. After creating your username, you mark your interest (very interested, interested, not interested) in categories like: animal rights, campaigns, charities, events, recipes, health, lifestyle, environment, etc. Even though we’re all vegans, we’re still individuals, and this feature  allows users to tailor content to fit their personal priorities. is great for individual users, but it can also be useful for vegan businesses. Although they haven’t introduced any of the features yet, promises that there will be special features for businesses in the future. Right now, vegan businesses can advertise on and users can bleat about businesses that they love, so I can’t wait to see what more is to come. states that it is more than a vegan directory (and it definitely is), but vegan businesses can definitely gain customers through

You heard it here first: is going to be big. Over the next few months, is planning on incorporating tons of new features. Although I’m very excited for these small improvements, I’m already in love with the overall concept. isn’t just bringing together vegans from all over the world, it’s uniting a movement. is all about making veganism more mainstream and accepted, and I believe that there’s no better way to do that than by making resources available to as many people as possible. is doing just that, and us grass munchers couldn’t be happier.

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  1. Foods4Health says:

    Thanks for posting this information! I had heard of before but had never really checked it out or exactly new what it was all about. Your post certainly laid it out in an easy to follow way and now I am much more educated. Might even sign up after :).

    Glad to have found your site and look forward to learning more from you. Thanks for all of your work.

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