Foodie Tuesday: An Ode to Watermelon

Watermelon is the king of melons. Say what you want about cantalope and honeydew, but watermelon reigns supreme. One of my favorite things about summer is that watermelons are abundant, which means that I react like this:

Of course, I love eating watermelon straight out of the rind with a melon baller and no regard for anyone else who may want to eat it too.

I have no regrets.

However, you can do some interesting things with watermelon, and when there’s so much to go around, why not try them all? Here are some of my favorite recipes!

1. The Watermelon Frosty– Kathy Palatsky has done it again with a sweet and fruity twist on everybody’s favorite from Wendy’s. This treat would be the perfect (and super healthy!) way to cool off on a hot summer day. If you don’t want to go full watermelon, frozen watermelon cubes are often the secret ingredient to many of Kathy’s smoothies too!

2. Watermelon Salsa– Step over, mango. Watermelon is the new up and comer in the world of alternative salsas. There are a lot of watermelon salsa recipes out there, but I like this one because all of the ingredients are easily accessible, yet interesting. Just replace the honey with agave syrup or vegan honey, and you’ve got an easy summer appetizer.

3. Watermelon Cake– Yes, you read that correctly. This is a recipe for a watermelon dish that besides being vegan (once you replace the honey with agave syrup) is also paleo! This cake gets its sweetness not just from its watermelon base, but also the whipped coconut cream frosting. For someone with a huge sweet tooth like me, a recipe like this sounds heavenly…

And looks heavenly too!

4. Watermelon Curry– I’ve already talked about how much I love the Vegan Stoner, but my love has been renewed for this blog with this recipe. I already love curry for its balance of sweet/spicy flavor, so adding one of my favorite fruits to it just makes it even better.

5. Grilled Watermelon– Turn sweet into savory by grilling watermelon with this simple recipe. Besides watermelon, the only other ingredients are olive oil and sea salt. Is there any simpler recipe for a summer barbecue? I don’t think so.

If you’re looking for some more adult summer fun, you can always treat your watermelon like a fun flask and fill it with something that, if nothing else, looks like water 😉

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite watermelon recipes, how do you enjoy this delicious summer fruit? Watermelon lovers want to know!

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