Going Above and “Beyond Eggs” to Save the Earth

You don’t learn much from teenage girl magazines. Even with all the fashion trends, make-up tips, and flirting techniques, the only lesson that really ever resonated with me was one about sustainability. I remember seeing an ad that showed a fork and a car key and asked which one had a greater impact on the environment. In my uninformed teenage years, I chose the car key. Of course, as we all know, the real answer is the fork. The food industry has such a large impact on the environment, which is why sustainable eating is more important and more accessible than ever before.

One company at the forefront of the sustainable eating movement is Hampton Creek Foods, with their flagship product “Beyond Eggs.” Hampton Creek Foods is a food technology company that develops plant-based egg ingredients. They are leading a food revolution because they’re not aiming their product just at consumers, but at large and small food companies as well.

Hampton Creek Foods believes that if food companies use their product they will “reduce costs, attract more customers, and embed sustainable innovation into their supply chains.” Hampton Creek Foods is an amazing company because they are showing other food companies how easy (and cost effective)  it is to produce sustainable foods.

Hampton Creek Foods’ “Beyond Eggs” are more sustainable than regular eggs for a few important reasons. Their plants require less water than feed crops for chickens, which reduces their water consumption. Plants also produce less cardon dioxide than animal raising practices, which overall reduces this company’s and the companies’ who use “Beyond Eggs” carbon footprints.

Although there are other egg substitutes out there, Hampton Creek Foods’ egg products are better than both their commercial and homemade competitors (like the Vegg or flax/chia eggs) because of cost, taste, and application range. Hampton Creek Foods espouses that its application range is comparable to regular eggs, and has done countless taste tests to prove it.

You can use Beyond Eggs in baked goods, pasta, dressings/sauces, and of course, scrambled eggs, quiche, and omelets. Unlike other egg alternatives, Hampton Creek Foods has also developed a plant-based egg white product.

With recurring worries about egg recalls, avian flu, and salmonella poisoning, Hampton Creek Foods asks, “Why bother when you can just use plants?” I don’t have an answer to that question, but, more importantly, many food companies are realizing that they don’t either. Sustainable food production is becoming more widespread and accepted thanks to companies like Hampton Creek Foods who are changing the world today and protecting it for tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Going Above and “Beyond Eggs” to Save the Earth

  1. Fawn says:

    I love this way of thinking! I hope I can find this product on the shelf.

  2. Allan says:

    I can’t wait to try them. Would they work in creme brulee?

    • lindsay says:

      They should! Supposedly you can make scrambled eggs with them, so creme brulee should be no problem!

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